Are You a Collie Person?

Find out if this bright companion is right for you.

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Lets take each question one at a time:

1. Time for a dog does not mean that you cannot work and own a dog. Your pet will need quality time, though, just as a child needs it. He must be fed two times a day on a regular schedule and exercised several times a day. He needs to be petted and loved, and he will like to go for rides in the car with you to accompany you wherever he can. You must work with him to have an obedient dog who has good manners. Your dog should have at least two good outings a day and that means walks or good romps in the morning and the evening. Never let him out loose to run the neighborhood; exercise must be on leash or in a securely enclosed area.

2. A fenced-in yard will give you at least enough space to throw a ball and for your dog to run around. You cannot tie the dog to a tree or a spike in the ground. This is unsafe and will make your Collie hyperactive and frustrated. And remember, it is your responsibility to keep the yard clean of feces. When walking your dog, it is essential to carry a plastic bag or two to pick up droppings. These can be easily dropped in a handy trash receptacle on your way home.

3. Experience with previous dogs gives you a good idea of what a dog expects from you and what you must do for your dog. The Collie is smart and needs an owner that is equally as smart as, or smarter than, he is!

4. Owning a large dog is not like having a toy dog who will sit on your lap. A Collie will take up a fair amount of space, whether it is sitting on the sofa next to you or riding in the car. He will need an ample area to run in his fenced-in yard, and he must have a crate that is large enough for him to be comfortable.

5. Grooming a heavily coated dog like the Rough Collie is nearly a constant job. If you do not groom on a regular basis, your dog will become matted, dirty and smelly, making the grooming job even more daunting. Left long enough, you will have to take the dog to a groomer for assistance. It is your responsibility to keep the coat mat-free for the duration of the dogs life. Unlike a Poodle that can be clipped, the Collie has a double coat that will not endure this kind of treatment. Never shave a Rough Collie, as you will damage the coat. You want your dog to look like a Collie and a healthy one! You will need grooming equipment and an area in which to groom as well as a sturdy grooming table.

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Reprinted from Breeder's Best: Collie © 2004 Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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Destiny - 289963   Winter Haven, FL

12/1/2013 4:18:27 PM

hi i am Destiny and i might get a collie for my horse will this be the right horse for this purpose?

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Mary   Waldorf, MD

4/16/2010 1:21:48 PM

I have 3 Collies. And they all live in our house with their family.. Anyone that would put a dog in a dog house or in the yard should be tied up with a chain and left out side by themselves..If you don't like dog hair in your house then don't get a dog..It just goes with the package...Dog have feelings and are very loyal and should be loved and kept close to their family...

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Barb   Durango, CO

2/3/2009 5:32:03 PM

Very good article. Yes, I am definitely a Collie person & I have had 4 so far & will NEVER switch breeds! I have a 5 yr. old mahaghony(sp?)& white & a 2 yr. old blue merle. This dear lil' merle is partially deaf & just found out she has an auto immune disease, called Discoid Lupus. I have an app't. 2/6/09 to discuss a treatment plan. She is losing all her pigment on her head - not the ear's yet, but her nose, lips, & around her eye's. For sure, I believe I will have to invest in a sunscreen for
Other then that, I really enjoy your
Thank you~ Barb

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Leah   Smyrna, TN

11/16/2008 2:50:56 PM

See I already have a collie and she is 8 and seems to be getting bored while im at work so im going to get another just the same breed so mabye thall get along good!

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