Collie Overview

Here are the basics you should know before getting a Collie.

Collie puppies1. A Collie person wants an active, bright companion and can provide his dog with plenty of attention, ample room to run and frequent opportunities for exercise.

2. A Collie person has the space to comfortably house a large dog.

3. A Collie person is prepared to deal with an intelligent dog, always staying one step ahead of his quick and alert Collie.

4. A Collie person, particularly a Rough Collie person, is ready to commit to the responsibilities of grooming a heavily coated dog, keeping the coat clean and in healthy condition.

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Reprinted from Breeder's Best: Collie © 2004 Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Dolores   Lansdowne, PA

9/15/2011 12:59:22 PM

I am a tried and true Collie person. King and I have lived together happily for five years. One word of advice. Some Collies have a very strong herding instinct and may not be accepting of strangers on bikes and skateboards. Get professional help in working with this from a trainer who understands the sensitivity of the breed and you will have the best companion for life.

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Jay   Hockessin, DE

6/29/2009 7:05:11 AM

We decided that we wanted to get a family pet and my kids chose to get a collie puppy. After holding the chosed puppy for a few minutes, my wife suggested that we get two for companionship since we both worked. We have a male and female litter mates and have loved them for 5+ years. They are a great addition to our family, they get plenty of exercise and are wonderful to have around. We always get comments about how nice they look when we walk them, and they are excellent with children that we meet along the
We live in a neighborhood with lots of children and the dogs are very gentle with the little ones. We are all very happy to have them and enjoy them very much.

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Arlene   Cleveland, OH

12/26/2008 5:17:23 AM

I have had 5 collies and have loved each one as they were loving, loyal, fun and nurturing. My dogs were easily trained- obedience trained, boundry trained, agility trained, therapy trained and good manners trained. I was originally attracted to the outer beauty of the breed but fell totally in love with the gentle, sweet temperment. There is no better dog on this planet than the collie. He is the Mona Lisa of the dog kingdom!

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