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Young Dals can become difficult when they enter the "terrible twos" of adolescence. Training and socialization are essential to teach manners and acceptable behavior. Puppy classes, basic obedience and daily training sessions are excellent outlets for the breeds tremendous energy. Mental stimulation is equally important or the Dal will become bored and creatively destructive. Dals live best with people who are physically active and who maintain a lifestyle in which a dog is included and always welcome. A securely fenced yard is necessary, given the Dals proclivity to run. The breeds average lifespan is 11 to 13 years.

The short Dalmatian coat requires minimal care but shedding is a year-round problem, and the short hair sticks to everything, making the term "easykeeper" an oxymoron. Fussy housekeepers, beware.

Today the "Firehouse Dog" distinction may be eclipsed only by the image of Disneys 101 Dalmatians running down the street. The re-release of the original 1961 animated film caused the breeds popularity to skyrocket in 1991, creating a huge demand for Dal puppies. Unfortunately, irresponsible breeders responded to this demand. The DCA was better-prepared for the 1996 release of the live-animal release of the movie, which thus did not have much effect on the breed.

This created a corresponding problem for humane societies and Dalmatian rescue groups when those cute pups grew into highly energetic adolescents who were as wild and disobedient as the movie pups, and unprepared owners abandoned their Dals to shelters and breed rescues.

If you fancy living with a Dalmatian, patronize only a knowledgeable, ethical breeder who will educate you about the ups and downs of this intriguing breed and who can counsel you during all stages of the dogs life.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Dalmatian © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/8/2010 4:20:38 AM

beautiful dogs!

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janet   bethlehem, PA

6/30/2009 4:36:19 AM

good article thank you

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Nicole   Fayetteville, IL

3/2/2009 11:30:55 AM

dalmatians are a great breed to own

i own a dalmatian mix and she has changed my
the only breed i would own in the future is a
dalmatians do need someone that is as active as
i should know my dalmatian mix is active and she needs alot to do or she gets bored

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Dina   Hammonton, NJ

1/8/2009 5:02:05 AM

Dals do require a lot of work & even more committment. They are amazing dogs with a range of abilities. They never fail to amaze me with their depth of emotion and love for their people. The hair does stick to everything but is a small price to pay for what they give back. They are extremely intelligent & think creatively so, an outlet for mental stimulation IS a MUST, as the article says. Once you have one dal, no other breed will do. They can do everything with you. Jog, swim, hunt, protect, guard, agility, & therapy are all capable by a Dalmatian. It's AKC breed group should be changed to Sporting or make a new one...Multi-tasking!

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