Are you a Labrador Retriever person?

Find out if this exuberant dog breed is for you.

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Labrador RetrieverIf there is one quality that defines the Labrador Retriever, it's an insatiable desire to retrieve. Labs love to fetch and carry something, anything, in their mouths. One cannot help but marvel at the breeds obsession with retrieving. If not a bird, then sticks and socks will do. You can usually identify a Labrador Retriever residence by the number of sticks and branches piled up at the back door! So don't blame your Lab when you can't find your shoes or socks. He can't help it! That compulsion to retrieve is in his genes.

Chewing is a natural by-product of retrieving, and Labrador Retriever puppies are miniature chewing machines. Many chew their way well into adulthood, leaving telltale scars on their owner's furniture and woodwork. A wise owner can minimize this damage by providing appropriate chew toys and teaching the Lab puppy what he may and may not chew. Owners who fail to dog-proof their houses or supervise their puppies tell horror stories about the seemingly indestructible things that their Labs have consumed or destroyed. If you are not willing to train your pup and supervise him, be prepared to face the consequences.

The Labrador Retriever is a highly social fellow and will not thrive without human contact and companionship. He is best suited to an active family that pursues activities that include their dog. He enjoys lively outdoor fun and games, which are excellent outlets for his energy and enthusiasm. Labs are as comfortable in water as they are on land, and swimming is their favorite sport (after retrieving, of course). Long walks once or twice a day are good for dog and human, providing exercise and quality time together and preventing your Lab from becoming bored or under-exercised, and thus destructive.

Labs are great with children, although Lab puppies can be especially exuberant, so both dog and kids must be supervised to prevent mishaps due to both parties normal rowdiness.

The Labrador Retriever is considered an easy keeper, requiring minimal grooming and coat upkeep. They shed twice a year but drop a little hair all year long. Owners claim that Lab hair is magnetic and clings like glue to clothing and furniture.

Although the Lab excels in a variety of canine disciplines and competitions, he is known to want to do things his way. He is as strong-willed as he is eager to please and thus can be somewhat difficult to train. Manners are best taught during puppyhood before you have 50 pounds of dog dragging you down the street!

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Jean   Allen Park, MI

5/29/2012 7:38:07 AM

I rescued a yellow lab puppy, he is now 3yrs,old They dont shed all that much but yes if they lay on your couch you are sure to have a hairy ,he is the best dog i have ever owned and would have another in a heartbeat good with children, even takes care of my mother and me, makes sure we make it up and down steps ok he waits, he is always there to help...

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Ava   Tuckahoe, NY

4/30/2012 5:33:28 PM

We are 9 and 7 years of age and would love to get a Lab Retriever dog but our mom doesn't like that they shed. We are trying to find out if they really do shed a lot . Is there similar kinds of dogs that are good with kids and don't
Thank you.

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

7/17/2010 8:28:23 AM

good article thanks

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BILL   Mesa, AZ

6/1/2010 7:24:17 AM

My lab mix (lady) picked me from all the other potential inmates at the human society. They said they founder wondering the streets. They also said she i 2yr old. She is very good about being house broke. Likes to chew pillows. Plays chase me!! very well. but I try to scare her and she runs grabs a toy and want me to chase her. Not going to happen most of the time! What other games can we play together. I see the boredm in her face (like) is this all there is to our life. Sleep and eat? I take her for 2 walks daily. She chases a ball but won't pickup and bring back. Likes water but afraid of it too deep. Wants to play with other dogs at (dog park) but does not know how. Other dogs tolarate her but blow her off. She ever chases there balls with them but runs when they play do not play with her. What can I DO TO FIX AND HAVE A BETTER RELATIONSHIP. WE HAVE BEEN TO DOG SCHOOL AND SHE KNOWS MOST IF NOT ALL COMMANDS PLUS she understands hand signals nd love to dig in holes. PLEASE HELP ME!!! MAKE ME A SMARTER FOR HER!!!!!! I AM THE DUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

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