Are You a Pomeranian Person?

Pomeranians are happy dogs with big personalities.

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Speaking of running, make no mistakeyou better be pretty smart and on your toes to keep up with your little friends intelligence. He is both dainty and quick, so you will need to be both quick-thinking and fairly nimble on your feet or he will run circles around you! If you, too, are dainty on your feet and dress in a rather flamboyant fashion, perhaps a ballet mistress at a stage school, for example, then you and your Pom will make a wonderfully complementary couple.

Even so, the Pom appreciates sensible folk just as much as fancy extravagant ones. Joggers, ballplayers and other athletic types make great matches, too, as the Pom loves to be on the go.
Although abundant and potentially magnificent, the Poms full double coat is not especially difficult to maintain in good condition. One of the biggest misunderstandings about the breed is that the coat is difficult to care for. You do not have to brush the Pom every day. In fact, correct coat texture is such that the coat should not be brushed too often. The author brushes her Poms about once a week or so. Your weekly brushing session should be pleasurable for you and your Pom, for you will love spending time in each others company. Your Pom will love you to bits if you spoil him, for Poms are just made to be spoiled. (Not too much, though, as you'll live to regret that every day.)  He will simply adore the attention, and you will, I hope, enjoy giving it.

As a perfect Pom owner, you will join in your little ones games and you will enjoy time spent sharing with and caring for your bundle of fluffy fun. Don't be fooledunder all that puff and fluff is a real dog who loves to have a good time.

Always keep in mind that your Pomeranian is a member of the spitz family and, as such, he will be loyal to you and may be rather protective. If you are planning to have a party or strange visitors to your home, you might feel it wise to send out a complimentary pair of earmuffs with each invitation, for your Pom is likely to bark at all of your guests.

Perhaps your interest lies in obedience training. In this case, you may well have found yourself a willing canine partner who is a good learner and may allow you to show off a bit when he performs the odd trick or two that you have taught him. Theres nothing kosher about the Pom: this is a real ham of a dog! His very nature is cocky, self-assured, confident and aware of his specialness. If you don't like being the center of attention, you should think twice about owning this hammy spitz.

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/27/2010 4:21:46 AM

interesting. thank you very much

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janet   bethlehem, PA

7/18/2009 6:47:47 AM

good article thank you

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