Are You a Parson Russell Person?

Find out if this hunting breed is for you.

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Lets look at each question, one at a time.

  1. Having time for a dog does not mean that you cannot work and own a dog. Your pet will need quality time, though, just like a child. He must be fed on a regular daily schedule and exercised several times a day. He needs to be petted and loved, and he will want to spend lots of quality time with you. You must work with him to have an obedient dog who has good manners. Your dog should have at least two good outings a day, and that means a walk or a good romp in both the morning and the evening. Never let him out loose to run the neighborhood, as you may not see him again.
  2. A securely fenced yard should be of ample size to give you space to throw a ball and for your dog to run with it. And, remember, it is your responsibility to keep the yard clean of dog droppings. When walking your dog, it is essential to carry a plastic bag or two to pick up droppings. These can be easily dropped in a handy trash receptacle on your way home. Most communities have laws about picking up after your dog. Given the clear and present danger of anti-dog laws, all dog owners must act responsibly and be considerate toward their neighbors.

  3. Previous dog-owning experience will give you a good idea of what a dog expects from you and what you must do for your dog. Since the PRT is one of the more active breeds, you must be able to handle this roller-coaster of a canine companion. In addition, the PRT is smart and needs an owner that is equally as smart, or smarter, than he is! Are you up for the ride?
  4. The PRT will not tolerate any mistreatment from a child. Unlike a Great Dane or Golden Retriever, who will allow a child to ride on his back or pull his ears or tail, the PRT is an assertive breed and will demand respect. The Parson Russell Terrier Club of America does not recommend this breed for families who have children under the age of six unless the owners have experience with PRTs.
  5. As a responsible dog owner, it is up to you to make certain that your dog is trained not to bark needlessly or excessively. The Parson Russell, being a bit of a know-it-all, can be a tad noisy. Once again, it is not fair to your neighbors to leave your dog outside to bark endlessly. Be considerate and be consistent in training your dog, and your neighbors won't despise your barky PRT.
  6. Even though you will not have to groom the PRTs coat too often, you will need to trim his toenails, wash his face once or twice a week, keep his ears clean and give him baths as needed. The broken-coated PRT requires a bit more coat care than the smooth, but no PRT requires nearly as much grooming as many of the other terriers.

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