Are You a Parson Russell Person?

Find out if this hunting breed is for you.

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In spite of the toughness of the dog, the PRT is appreciated for his intelligence, his devotion to his family, his abilities for guarding those around him and their possessions and his good looks. However, do take time to learn about the breed! Do not just rush out and buy the first puppy you see.

For more information on the Parson Russell Terrier, you can research the breed and make contact with breed club members. Take a look at the breeds page on the AKC and UKC sites, and also visit the PRT Club of Americas website and/or the sites of the UKC-affiliated national PRT clubs. These websites are excellent sources of trusted information and can direct you to local PRT clubs, breeders and other experienced breed folk, all helpful sources of advice.

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Reprinted from Breeder's Best: Parson Russell Terrier © 2004 Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.

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