Pug Facts

Is the Pug breed right for you?

Pug puppy1. The Pug's clownish personality, playful nature and adaptability make him a fun companion in whatever you do.

2. Pug owners must take caution, as short-faced breeds are more prone to breathing problems, heat stroke and other health issues.

3. The Pug may be a little stubborn, but never aggressive and certainly always good-natured. 

4. The Pug owner does not need to be a professional groomer, but must be prepared to keep the Pug's short coat in top condition.

5. Weight control is an issue with Pugs, as they certainly enjoy eating and need their owners to set healthy limits.

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Reprinted from Breeders Best: Pug © 2004. Permission granted by Kennel Club Books, an imprint of BowTie Press.


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Ellie   Graford, Texas

9/20/2013 9:23:56 AM

I love my pug . I have always wanted one then finely my friend got one & couldn't keep her so she gave her to me she had papers on her , I named her Izzie & she is my baby and is very attached to me as well but if anyone tries to get near me she goes on the attack ,she has bit my husband &daughter plus a few more but the rest of the time she is so sweet

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Drake   austin, Texas

4/24/2013 6:11:45 PM

pugs are BOSS like that:)

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katlin   guyton, Georgia

10/4/2012 1:53:31 PM

I have always wanted a pug but they were always to much money. I do plan to get one one day though. Are they really bad? :)

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tawnya   etters, PA

9/29/2010 4:54:35 AM

Not true. They can be agressive and bite.

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