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Date 3/28/2015 8:19:21 AM
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Comment being reported: * Hi Alabama Gang--It's just us. We are stopping in to say Hi & leave you a vote. Sorry it has been a while since we've been on. We don't remember what our last trip to your yard was. So-we'll give you the shortest version we can-OK? Hope you're not upset with us. We are also doing a standard letter to everyone-So please don't be upset about this with us-either. We'll go back to our usual personal answer when done with everyone's update. We've had rain-Even snow since we talked last. We still have 3 inches on the ground. Sorry-But Mom has to get smart now--Mom does shovel a path for me & a spot so I can go pooh. You see my legs are only so long & when I go to pooh in my real yard-I'm only inches from the ground. That makes it cold to ones body parts-That sort of makes me not want to go. Dad says I'm spoiled-Mom does it to be nice. Anyhow-On the 23rd we went up to Grandma's to have Mom's family X-mas. All-I can say-is there was alot of people there. Mom talked to her nieces & nephews about dog breeds. Some are looking to get dogs. But-for some reason-I couldn't calm down. Mom thought it was because of her-until Later. Grandma was getting progressively worse. Anytime I was near her I was whining. When Mom got done talking-She went back to Grandma & Grandma looked bad. She was slurring her words-slumped down in her chair-& in alot of pain. Mom put me in the car & went back in the house to call a family meeting. You see-Mom has to have back up from her sister & brothers when it comes to Grandma & what the group wants as far as Grandma's well being. She had it. There was no arguement from Grandma when Mom said she was staying. We took Grandma back to her house--& we found out that she had no pills in her since the night time pills. Her heart was flipping out & she was in severe pain. Within minutes after taking the pills Grandma's color changed back to looking a little better. She was exhausted & still spinning. It took until 7:30pm for me to stop whining. That's when I could relax & I fell asleep between Mom & Dad on the sofa. Mom's sister was afraid to leave Grandma--because no one really knew if that would be enough to put Grandma back together again. So-That's when Mom said she would stay with Grandma until things were better again. We stayed there until 6pm X-mas Eve. Dad had gone home because of everyone still at home. Casper-Muttley & the 6 aliens. He came back for us the next day & we drove home. Mom started out driving-But because of the weather-The roads started getting bad & she started getting another headache-She asked Dad to drive. Very unusual to almost something that never happens. It took us longer than usual to get home. We got home though--& we had a nice eve & day. I got neat stuff--To unwrap things. & we just hung around. Mom still had a nasty headache-But she still tried a number of times to get on DC Land--But each time she would go to one yard & then she got thrown off. It miffed her off because she couldn't get to everyone. To thank everyone for the cards & wish everyone--A Happy & Safe Holiday. So--Now we're Back Again. Hopefully longer this time. Mom & Dad don't usually go out on New Years Eve. They don't drink. So-They usually have pork & sourcrout at midnight. The way Dad makes it-everyone likes it. No reflux. We're in for another batch of snow on Sat-tomorrow. Another 4 inches. Not alot-But it seems as we are getting older-We don't want as much snow as we once did. This batch is coming from the south again-The second one this year. Sorry for the book but we thought you deserve to know why & what has been going on. Have a great day. Hope everything is going well with you? You got everything you wanted? Talk soon. & As Always WAoLtHs&PyKs.
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