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Date 7/11/2014 9:20:45 AM
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Comment being reported: * Hey My Fellow Little Cookie Monster Devil Pup--Keshia--We stopped in for the usual--We gave you both 894 & 895. Pretty good Huh? We're glad we saved this before we posted it-because we got that stupid dog again. If you really don't want to know this stuff--Don't read it--We don't want to change your already looney tune impression of us. --Mom was going to sit here & type out a bunch of barks-growls-woofs-whines-cocking my head cute wise-Little devil looks-& just keep growl bark whine woof woof whine bark. & then end it--but with your question we thought you deserve to know some things. You see this stuff that Mom has been dealing with has been in the back of her head all her life. She knew there was something wrong-just didn't know what. Now-it's only starting to come out. But it's only bits & pieces. What started this was the death of Grandma's dog India-in '05. She was also a Border. Don't know why that triggered this-but it did. Right now-because of all this-Mom is extra sensitive to anything & anything. It doesn't take much to make Mom react. No one here said anything. What we're saying is Mom is down-more than usual. & not down as in a bad way. But down as in still washed out & extremely tired. Sorry. But we felt you deserve to know the real reasons for Mom's issues. If you don't want to read it-we understand-It's not an easy issue to deal with at all. Mom still can't specifically say the title of what happened to her. The MD Dr himself knows this. If we don't say it-it never happened. Some of the issues we knew about-& so did this Dr. But we had no idea it went this deep to cause this much trouble. Just in writing some of this stuff-Mom starts to well up. That's something new. Tiffany & her family was the first ones we actually told anything to-to this extent. We believe Bella Boo-Chewie-MIA-The Snow Dogs-Boomer-Xena & now you have some idea about this. Believe us-we are greatful to you guys for being our friends. & We Love You For Being There For A Person & A Dog You Barely Know. Please don't let this book change your opinion of us-so that you won't be our friends anymore. Yes-we know we have those kind of issues too. There is alot we didn't say-but you get the just of the idea as to what's going on. The problem with all of this is that we can't pin point an exact time-place-or person. We also know there is more than just one issue. --This is something we wrote to a friend back when we were suppose to go up to Grandma's & had the possibility of being cut off from the first support system we ever had. -- Grandma has carpal tunnel syndrome-They did the other hand first-last year sometime-But that was before we got into DC Land. But now with all you guys being our friends-we feel somehow that we're abandoning you. You see--I have a problem-But don't tell Mom I told you about it-OK?-& when you read this-Get rid of it-Please. Mom is getting stressed out by all this--The trouble that Mom has-that has made Mom's dogs-both Service Dogs-All of it started up in Grandma's area of the state. So-it's sending mixed messages to Mom--causing a headache to stay around. Stress will do that to you. It was stuff that happened when Mom was very young-That was stuffed so deep she didn't remember it & still can't get it all out. Mom not only has that heart thing-Her heart goes from 50 beats to 150 beats & drops in seconds--I can usually tell about an hour before it happens. She also has panic attacks & Complex PTSD. All those things affects the way her heart works & they're all inter-connected. She gets severe migraine headaches-has trouble with her gut-& also has IBS. All this stuff was started back when Mom was alot younger-before they had names for all this--In fact back when Mom was 13 months old. But having you guys as friends has changed her outlook on things. That's in a good way--But the thought of being out of contact & in that area-is very disturbing. Mom still says if she had friends like you guys in school-things may have been different. Not trying to give anyone a swelled head or anything-But you guys have made a difference in Mom's life. This goes for you too--Keshia & familt. So the support you guys have shown us is good to the point that it's scaring the crap out of Mom to be out of contact. Now--You know some of why this all is affecting Mom to the extent it is. Maybe she is worrying about nothing & we can get on--But we don't know that yet. The unknown to someone like Mom is very scarey. & That's another issue. But Maybe that's more than you want to know. Sorry for that. Hope it doesn't turn you off to us & you don't want to be friends. Once you know it we can't take it back. Now you know why we have been somewhat backwards about talking about it. But in a way--It does fill in the blanks for you. Hope everything is still OK between us even though you know this now? If it upsets you--Please tell us & we won't tell any more of this. We want to keep you as our friends. Have a great day. Talk soon. Love Always To Your Family From Ours.
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