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Date 3/30/2015 1:08:23 PM
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Comment being reported: * Hi girly! I'm so sorry for missing a few days! I just can't believe it. Did you miss me? :D Even we angels have to rely on our earthly secretaries, and you know how sometimes they get their priorities mixed up? Well, mine's no exception. he.he...... I brought you a great big heap of giggle material, in hope to make up for my absence. Mom has been so busy, entertaining visiting friends and family, attending horse training classes, and running all over the place. She just drove Yukon & Peaka down to Homer, where they spent the day at the beach. Besides some cool shells, guess what else they came across just floating along the tide? Nothing less than a message in a bottle. They cracked open the bottle, and what they found inside cracked them up. Okay, so I was storytelling, but here are the long awaited for jokes. he,he,he,he.......• 1. What has no teeth, no mouth, but has eyes and lives in the ground? A potato ;p _________ • 2. Diner: Is there any stew on this menu? Waiter: There was, but I wiped it off. _________ • 3. What is taken before you get it?Your picture. _________ • 4. How does Bill Gates enter his house? He uses "Windows". _________ • 5. What did the bald man say when he received a comb for his birthday? "Thank you very much. I'll never part with it."_________ • 6. "Hey, you!" Yelled the ranger to the small child. "Can't you read that sign? No fishing in this river!"...."I'm not fishing!" came the perky reply. "I'm teaching my worm how to swim!" _________ • 7. Why don't matches play baseball? One strike and they're out. _________ • 8. What do you throw out when you need it and take in when you don't need it? An anchor. ________ • 9. A fisherman accidentally left his day's catch under the seat of a bus. The next evening's newspaper carried an ad: If the person who left the bucket of fish on the number 47 bus would care to come to the garage, he can have the bus._________ • 10. What is the best mountain to climb to get a good night's sleep? Mount Ever-rest. _________ • 11. What do you call four bullfighters in quicksand? Quatro sinko. _________ • 12. If athletes get athlete's foot, then what do astronauts get? Missile toe. _________ • 13. Why did Noah not go fishing very often? He only had two worms _________ I felt very badly to not have barked by your page as usual with my daily snicker stock. The support you have shown to me this month has been outstanding! Thank you so much! I'll sure try hard to be most regular throughout this last week of my run. Angel xoxo's and a vote from your furiend...... ♥ Indy
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