Russell Terrier

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:England
AKC Group:Terrier Group
UKC Group:Terrier
Use today:Vermin hunter, companion
Life Span:12 to 15 years
Color:White is predominate with black and or tan markings
Coat:Smooth, broken or rough.
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:10 to 12 inches
Weight:11 to 13 pounds

The Russell Terrier is smaller and more rectangular than the Parson Russell Terrier. It originated in England, but was developed in Australia where it was standardized and became known as the Jack Russell Terrier, the name it which it was recognized by the FCI. It was decided to rename the breed in the US and is not recognized by this name in England. The Russell Terrier was used to hunt fox. Its oval, compressible chest allowed it to enter underground burrows to flush out vermin. It has a hardy, energetic, fearless disposition. It needs daily exercise and excels at sports such as flyball, agility and earthdog. The coat can be smooth, broken or rough and requires little else other than occasional grooming and bathing when needed. .

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