Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Germany
AKC Group:Rare
UKC Group:Rare
Use today:Companion
Color:White or black.
Coat:Long and silky.
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:not specified
Weight:3 to 7 pounds

The Seidenspitz was developed in Germany using Maltese and white Pomeranians. The breed was known perhaps as far back as the late 1700s. Affectionate and intelligent, the Seidenspitz resembles a Pomeranian with a long, silky coat that may be solid white or solid black. A white coat is preferred over black. The coat should be about 6 inches long. The hair around the eyes and on top of the muzzle is shaved, and the dog may or may not have a mustache and beard. The feet are shaved as well and the hair on the ears is shaved or trimmed extremely short.

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