Clicker Training

Learn how clicker training can help you get reliable behavior from your dog.

By Kim Campbell Thornton |

Clicker Training

10 Reasons to Clicker Train Your Dog

Clicker Training
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1. Clicker training sharpens your timing, one of the most valuable skills you need in training a dog.

2. It is the fastest way to get reliable behavior from your dog.

3. Clicker training allows you to signal a reward to a dog at a distance.

4. Clicker training allows your dog to control its environment and make things happen by getting clicked and rewarded for specific behavior, thus building its confidence.

5. It teaches you to notice what your dog is doing right rather than what its doing wrong, improving your observation skills and increasing your appreciation of what you like about your dog.

6. Clicker training builds and expands your dogs repertoire of good behavior.

7. Clicker training provides mental stimulation for your dog and alleviates boredom, which is the root of many behavior problems.

8. It builds trust between you and your dog, and opens up new ways for you and your dog to communicate.

9. Clicker training is punishment-free, so you get cooperation and enthusiasm from your dog.

10. Clicker training is funthe very best thing to have with your dog.


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