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By Andrea Arden |

The Pros and Cons of Litter and Paper Training

Training Your Puppy
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Most people don't have the time to take a young puppy for as many relief walks as it requires (at least every two hours). The temporary use of an indoor doggy toilet confines the problem of going indoors to a small, protected area.

While paper and litterbox training is a necessity for most people, it does have a few drawbacks. Paper and litterbox training a pup turns housetraining into a two-step process. First, you teach the pup to go indoors on paper, then outdoors on grass or concrete. This transition can be difficult, especially if you live in a big city where a pup may have a hard time learning to go from a small, quiet room on paper to a busy street on concrete.

The transition can be made easier by making the indoor toilet as similar to the outdoor toilet as possible. As strange as this may sound, you can get a slab of grass turf or a thin slab of concrete and place it in a large plastic litterbox. Also, remember to make an effort to take your dog on leash to the indoor toilet so it learns to feel comfortable with you there and so you can reward it for going in the right, albeit temporary, spot.


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