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Can judging for type serve working dogs?

By Richard Beauchamp | Posted: Fri May 13 00:00:00 PDT 2005

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RGB: Here again, soundness, power and agility are primary factors. Although entirely capable of reacting with great speed at time of impending danger, Anatolian movement is about conservation of energy rather than animation and speed. The latter are actually faults of both breed character and movement.

EC: Well-angulated legs promoting smooth movement and a minimum of stress to the joints allow a working Anatolian a longer working life and more years of physical comfort. Structurally correct legs are vital since working Anatolians face an incredible array of physical stresses to their legs.

Anatolians are resistant to heat exhaustion and have an instinctive ability to conserve their strength by limiting their efforts to a minimum unless exertion is required. They sometimes appear sluggish, lazy, disinterest, or tired, which is only an illusion.

An adult Anatolian whose basic personality is highly energetic and animated disturbs its flock unnecessarily. High-spirited play with herd members reduces grazing t ime, agitates its charges, and takes the Anatolian's attention away form its guardian duties, decreasing its effectiveness as a flock guardian.

RGB: Coat, in a word, is protective. Length ranges from one (minimum) to four inches, but its essence is in being able to protect the Anatolian from the elements. An undercoat that provides insulation from the extremes of heat and cold are paramount. Color is of no consequence in that all color patterns and markings are equally acceptable.

Conard makes no specific comment on coat other than color being immaterial. However, it becomes obvious with his emphasis on the characteristics that equip the Anatolian to perform under all conditions that the breed be afforded the protection that an insulating coat provides. - RGB)

Winners and their Credentials
The foregoing gives a brief summary of how a judge and a breeder of working dogs view the Anatolian. Can the judge's approach guided by breed standard, origin and purpose acknowledge what the working man demands of his dogs?

Let's take a look at the credentials of the major winners at the ASDCA National Specialty.

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