Bull Terriers in Paintings and in Life

A fancier reflects on the love of the bull terrier breed.

By | Posted: Wed Sep 29 00:00:00 PDT 2004

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I knew the hotel's clientele and also my own financial limitations, so I really didn't think too much more about the painting until a year later, after renovation had been completed. My friends and I had met in the bar before dinner. I recognized the young man who was bartending as the same fellow I had discussed the painting with previously.

"I'm assuming the horse mural was sold?"

"Oh yes! We were amazed at the tremendous amount of interest it created. It eventually went to someone on the mainlandsomeone with bucks, I guess. It finally went for just under a six-figure price!"

Through the years I've often wondered if my painting would command a similar price because it was so uniquethe artist's only dog painting. Or did that mean nothing in the art world?

I've never really tried to find out. I don't want to know what it might sell for, because I have no intention of ever selling it. I've named the painting  "The Aloha Bullies" and it has value that one doesn't measure in dollars and cents. It is one of those treasures that one acquires in life that is symbolic of friendship and generosity. (Then too, it is of Bull Terriers!) Looking at it each day is sheer pleasure and reminds me both of the Aloha spirit with which it was given and of a breed that is one of the most unique I have ever known.


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Michel   deventer, AP

9/2/2006 7:56:54 AM

Great story which say everthing about this unique breed, I'm hooked on

Would love to see a picture of the painting, because bully owners also lov collecting bully



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