The Secret Lives of Show Dogs

Up close and personal with Westminster contenders.


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Ch. Danbeys Phenomenon
Call name: Agador.
Breed: Doberman Pinscher.
AKC group: Working.
Age: 2
Owners: John and Linda Krukar.
Handler: Linda Krukar.
Home: Easton, Conn., with John and Linda.

 Favorite toy: Tennis balls and anything that squeaks.

 Favorite reward: Anything edible he loves food. He loves ice cubes, too.

 Best canine buddies: His mother, Olive, and his friend, Jagger, a German Pinscher.

 Canine nemesis: None, he likes everyone.

 Favorite contraband treat: Anything he can steal off the counter. Most recently, he swiped three hardboiled eggs! He also likes to eat napkins and paper towels, which his owners have to keep from him.

 Quirks: When he speaks, he jumps up so his front feet come off the ground. He also loves to wade into the pond up to his chest. 

 What drives him nuts: Squirrels and deer!

 Sleeping spot: On the bed with John and Linda.

Typical day: He wakes up, goes for a quick jaunt around the yard, then eats breakfast and takes a nap until about 2 p.m. Later, he plays ball with Olive. If it's hot out, he hangs out in the kiddie pool with her to cool off. They come in for a rest, then take a one-hour walk through the state park. After dark, Agador hangs out and chews on a toy, then plays a few games for treats before bedtime.


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Doris   Westport, CT

12/5/2006 8:41:25 PM

Sounds like a wonderful dog. And I know he is, because I know his owners. He's a much-loved dog.

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