Kennel Profile: Lajosmegyi Komondorok

A history of the celebrated kennel.


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We both feel that our standard could be a lot clearer, especially for the judges. In the early 90s we added two inches to the recommended size for both dogs and bitches. It is our feeling that this addition in the last standard revision has hurt the breed.  It was not a good change. To our thinking you cannot add two inches to a dog without substantially changing it. We also have too many disqualifications.  If we could make changes we would remove the tooth disqualification and take the size recommendation back to 251/2 inches and above for dogs, and 231/2 inches and above for bitches. We would also enlist the help of others to improve the explanation and description of the breed in the standard.

The ladies first successful special was the aforementioned Ch. Summithill Save the Tiger, CD. He also was a very successful stud dog and produced many champions, although he was never used on an outside bitch. The next well-known special would be Ch. Lajosmegyi Dahu Digal, a Westminster group winner, three-time national specialty winner, and #1 Komondor for three years. Ch. Lajosmegyi Patent Pending, Ch. Lajosmegyi Far and Away, and Ch Lajosmegyi The Postman are other specials of note. Totally we have won ten KCA national specialties. We have always shown our own dogs.

Dahu Digal and Save the Tiger were special not only because they were great show dogs but also because they were great stud dogs. Dahu produced two national specialty winners and is the grandsire of many more. There are many dogs I wish we had kept rather than having sold them. One time we decided to clip off a bitch rather than special her, and later we wished we had not.

Although Patricia and Anna have never imported a Komondor, they have twice bred to Hungarian imports. One was our breeding, which produced only two puppies. We kept the female and she produced many great Komondorok for us. The other was a breeding John Landis did with his imported female to our dog. We took a puppy back for the stud service. He grew up to become Ch. Lajosmegyi Far and Away, one of the best big dogs ever shown in this country and the winner of two national specialties.

John Landis of the Gillian Kennels in Pennsylvania has worked a lot with us and our males. We have always been glad that we were able to help him with his success, as he has helped us. We supplied a young breeder named Adrienne Freyer, in South Dakota, with her foundation bitch. Adrienne is one of the up-and-coming people in the breed and we are so proud that we took a chance and let her have one of our older females to breed to her very much older German import. She had tried with other bitches several times without much luck. The bitch we sent to her produced many great champions.

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