Spinone Italiano

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Italy
AKC Group:Sporting Group
UKC Group:Gun Dog
Use today:bird dog, retrieving
Life Span:12 to 13 years
Color:White, white with orange or brown, orange roan with or without orange markings, or brown roan with or without brown markings.
Coat:Wiry and dense. No undercoat
Grooming:Brush weekly. Bathe as needed.
Size:Large Dog Breed
Height:22 to 27 inches at the shoulder
Weight:Proportiante to height

Believe it or not, the Spinone is a dog, not an ice cream flavor. As its name implies, it's a native of Italy. The breed is somewhat rare in the U.S., but has many devoted followers. Extremely robust and untiring, the Spinone excels as a hunter's companion. The dog will hold a statuesque point, and it has an excellent sense of smell. Oily, leathery skin allows the Spinone to hunt in water. But the Spinone is also an excellent house dog, tranquil, clean, polite and even-tempered. Its dense, shaggy coat protects it in the field, but needs weekly brushing. The allowable colors are white, orange and white, orange roan, chestnut and white, and chestnut roan. The breed is currently registered with the Federation Cynologique Internationale in Europe and is included in the American Kennel Club's Sporting Dog Group. The Spinone Club of America encourages its members to register their dogs with and participate in activities of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association. Additionally, their dogs are registered in the American Field Dog stud book.


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