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The Internet has afforded dog owners all kinds of useful and increasingly essential resources, from forums where we can chat with each other about common problems, to learning about the latest dog food recalls, to finding the dog of our dreams. But the Internet has also become a substitute dog trainer and veterinarian, which can lead to some hairy problems (pun intended).

Trial and error in dog training can be part of the fun of learning about your dog’s preferences and learning capacity, so I’m not completely opposed to long-distance "ask the trainer” websites, but trial and error in a veterinary situation can have fatal consequences. The common wisdom in dog circles is that a dog should have a yearly check up, at minimum, with your local veterinarian, ideally the same doctor who will see your dog if there’s ever an emergency.

These days, there are loads of "ask the vet” websites springing up, where you can have a veterinary question answered for $25 to $50 or so, depending on the complexity of the question and the urgency in which you need the answer. These fees are far less than a veterinary visit, but is it worth the cost to your dog’s health?



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