By | Posted: May 5, 2011, 6:35 p.m. EDT

Q. I am interested in getting a dog but my wife doesn’t like the idea because they shed a lot. Can you suggest some dog breeds that don’t shed much?

A. Many people want a dog who does not shed because they have allergies. While this may not be your wife’s main concern, it is useful to note that most allergies are caused by dog dander, not the hair they shed. Dander is the dead skin that falls off the dog, depositing itself all over the house and wafting through the air into your nose and eyes in the process. All dogs produce dander, but some dogs produce a lot less of it.

Dogs also pick up pollen when outside, carrying it home to add to their owners’ allergy woes. The thicker the coat, the more they can carry. With that said, whether it’s housekeeping or allergens that pose a problem, you and your wife are in luck. There are many wonderful dog breeds that are neither heavy shedders nor copious allergen producers.


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