The Original Dog Bible: Every Dog House Should Have One!

The Original Dog Bible is getting great reviews! A whopping 752 pages, it is an indispensable reference packed with hundreds of useful tips, facts, hints, and help.

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This comprehensive book certainly lives up to its subtitle; editor Mehus-Roe, former managing editor of Popular Pets, has culled a wealth of information on over 250 breeds. The best part of the book, however, covers life with a dog, with sections on pet care partners and a fantastic chapter on activities one can do with one's dog.Publishers Weekly

A whopping 752 pages, the Original Dog Bible is an indispensable reference packed with hundreds of useful tips, facts, hints, and help, here is a canine reference no dog house should be without. Edited by Kristin Mehus-Roe, here is just a hint of the staggering wealth of information to be found in this one-of-a-kind resource:

  • Breeds. A thorough introduction (with photos) to more than 250 breeds with alternative names, country of origin, histories, physical description, average height and weight, characteristics, activity levels, ideal environments, special needs and possible health concerns. Includes all significant breeds.
  • A Healthy Life. Selecting a veterinarian, vaccinations and when to have them, how to spot signs of illness, basic home care, how to identify parasites, fleas, ticks, mites, mange, administer pills and other medications, assemble a first aid kit, and basic emergency treatments allergic reactions, bleeding, burns, choking, fractures, frostbite, heat exhaustion/heatstroke, poisoning, puncture wounds, shock, and spinal injuries. Addresses conventional medical and holistic approaches.
  • Good Grooming. How to brush teeth, clip nails, clean out ears, and wash, brush, trim and untangle the coat.
  • Finding The Right Support Help. Locating pet-care partners, i.e., day care centers, boarding kennels, in-home pet sitters, and obedience training facilities.
  • Your Senior Dog. How to make an aging dog comfortable, when to say goodbye, euthanasia, burial or cremation, and creating a memorial to your beloved pet.
  • Activities you Can Do With Your Dog. Details for breed specific or universal ways to keep your dog fit and strong through agility courses, Earthdog Trials (for terrriers), dog sledding (for many Northern breeds), weight pulling and carting (for big dogs), dogs shows, obedience trials, field trials and hunt tests, herding, Frisbee or canine disc, and others. Plus information on how to start your own bark park, and games for canines and kids.
  • Nutrition. Your dogs daily diet, the real skinny about commercial food (kibble vs. canned, organic and natural, homemade and vegetarian,), deciphering a dog food label, and dog food ingredients, understanding people food (and the potential dangers of chocolate, onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, and alcohol), and vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, dealing with obesity. Includes recipes for healthy homemade treats.
  • Training and Behavior. The reasons dogs act the way they do, and how to cope with barking, noise sensitivity, chasing, unsafe, destructive or anxious behaviors. Here are solutions to teach dogs to behave in a way that suits yourself as well as your pet.
  • Dogs and Jobs. Complete particulars about dogs who work (police, military, herding, therapy, detection, search and rescue, and entertainment) and career opportunities from veterinarians, technicians and assistants, pet care workers, walkers and sitters; employment opportunities with animal control and government shelters, humane societies, and non profit shelters, education and advocacy, obedience training, animal behavior, show dog handlers, training and handling working dogs.
  • Pet Careers for You. From vets and veterinarian technicians, to assistants, boarding and day-care workers, protection and advocacy, training and handling, and groomers, the multi-billion dollar pet industry has jobs for any interest.
  • Job Opportunities for Your Dog. There are many jobs for dogs: shepherding herds and guarding livestock, helping people alleviate stress and boredom from long-term hospitalization, search and rescue, working in firehouses and police precincts, and starring in movies, TV programs and commercials.

More praise for the Original Dog Bibles comprehensiveness in covering all aspects of dog care:

This old doc learned new tricks upon reading the consummate book on all things dogs...I highly recommend it! Dr. Marty Becker, resident veterinarian on ABC TVs Good Morning America and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul.

This attractive, copiously illustrated easy-to-understand volume covers every aspect of responsible dog ownership and includes additional details on evolution, genetics, history, folklore, competitive events, careers, and rescue groupsAn essential purchase for public libraries; if budgets permit, buy multiple copies."Library Journal

Those who love the canine specieswhich means just about all of uslap up doggy information like puppies at the feeding bowl. This wonderful new volume is a veritable banquet of fascinating, useful facts. It will leave readers bulging contentedly with vital, nurturing knowledge.

George Berger, Publisher, AKC Gazette and AKC Family Dog

A Bible indeed! Finally, the dog world has a real complete dog book. From the genesis of Canis familiaris to the dogs place in mans world today, The Original Dog Bible offers many revelations!

Andrew DePrisco, author of Canine Lexicon and The Mini-Atlas of Dog Breeds, Editor-in-Chief, Kennel Club Books, LLC

The Original Dog Bible is available wherever your favorite pet books are sold. Makes a great gift! (BowTie Press; May, 2005; ISBN: 931993-34-3; $24.95)


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Rose   Port St. Lucie, FL

10/26/2007 1:20:14 PM

I found it informative, but nothing about the number one problem with dogs. they urinate when they get excited. my dog is 7 yrs old, and he urinates when ever someone pays any kind of attention to him, either on the person or right where he is standing, and alot of it tooo, I have tried everything, ignoring him seems to be the best, but I hate doing that because he deserves love, and my friends like him. He is a jack russell terrier, soft hair.

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Baylee   Liberty, MO

7/16/2007 12:03:16 AM

You guys that made this site r so awesome

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Baylee   Liberty, MO

7/16/2007 12:02:04 AM

u guys are so good at making the site i love your site u are soooooooo awesome

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