Dog Fancy Table of Contents - July 2004

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DOG FANCY July 2004

July 2004

Made in the U.S.A
Hardworking, diverse, independent: Meet the breeds that have grown up with our nation.

Dean Koontz talks dogs
The best-selling writer chronicles the struggle between good and evil in his books. But in dogs, the author finds only good.

New Rx for canine healthcare
Physical therapy emerges as a powerful tool to help heal, strengthen, and restore mobility.
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Body builders
Discover the roles nutrients play in your dog's health.
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Get carried away
Fun and functional bags help keep your little dog close.

Bulldog: Tough act to follow
The charismatic Bulldog makes a wholly unique canine companion for an understanding owner.

Standard Schnauzer: Right at home
The whip-smart Standard Schnauzer has enriched farm and family life for centuries.

Beauceron: The toast of France

The intelligent, adaptable Beauceron requires an owner who can provide an active life



Everyday Dog:
Help for picky eaters.

Exotic diseases. On the rise?

Real Dogs:
Cocoa heads off bull attack to save owner.

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