Dog Fancy Table of Content October and December 2000

Posted: Fri Jun 30 00:00:00 PDT 2000

October 2000


Annie on...
Photo Ops - and Oops!
by Anne Rogers Clark

Encouraging the Newcomer
by Harold Nedell

Success in Show Dogs:
More on Educating Judges
by Richard G. Beauchamp

Congratulations, BUT...
by A Novice

The Best-Laid Plans, or:
"The Vain Fantasies of an Idle Brain"
by Sox

AKC and Eukanuba Launch Premier Dog Show; AKC Chairman's Report

Who's Getting the Raw Prawn in Your Breed Club? asks Frank Pieterse

The UKC's Premier Dog Shows
by Mark Threlfall

Patellar Problems - the "Slipped Stifle"
by Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

History Lesson: Labrador Retrievers, Past & Present

German Breed Ban Opposed in the U.S.

"Cart Dogs" - Another View
by MaryAnne Teal

From Canada
by Clive Davies

Sporting Dogs in Canada
by William d. Gunn

Best of Britain
by Simon Parsons


Milan: World Show 2000
by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Backstage at the World Show
by Pamela Renai della Rena

AKC Canine Health Foundation News

Getting to Know You:
Kim Booth, Dog Show Photographer
by Cindy Chandler

An American Abroad - Richard Hellman
by Pamela Renai dells Rena

Bo-Bett Italian Greyhounds:
A DOGS IN REVIEW Kennel Profile
by Susan Salladay

World in Review:
Scandinavia by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen;

News from the AKC, Highlights from the July AKC Board Meeting

Breed Notes & Show Dates

Show Scene:
AKC shows, late June to early August, incl. Beverly Hills & Long Beach

Charging for Grooming Space at the Astrohall
by Christi McDonald

The DR Terrier Feature:
Ric Chashoudian, Dr. Josephine Deubler, Ed Dalton, Sandra Goose Allen and Mareth Kipp answer Christi McDonalds' Questions

Montgomery County - Some Memories
by Walter F. Goodman

American Spaniel Club Crisis; New Books

Perfect Victorians, Part II:
Rip the Ratter, Black & Tans and other Terriers
by Bear Rowell

DOGS IN REVIEW Interviews Dan Kiedrowski
by Paul Lepiane

Breed Feature: Judges Talk About Cairn Terriers

In Memoriam - Joyce Shellenbarger
by Francis Michael Allen

Letters/Bark Back, Our Readers Take Over

Who's Where - Index to Advertisers

Rates & Deadlines

December 2000

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december 2000

Annie On...
How to Write a Critique
by Anne Rogers Clark

Classes at British Dog Shows

Morris & Essex Kennel Club Reborn
by Bo Bengtson

Thanks for "Nothing" - Open Letter to a Judge
by A Novice

A Rose By Any other Name...
by Sox

The Owner and the Handler:
A Team
by Deb Cooper

Success in Show Dogs:
"Dog Bones 101"
by Richard G. Beauchamp

Perfect Victorians, Part III:
Small Wonders
by Bear Rowell

From Canada:
Sudbury Cluster, Nickel Claaic, and more
by Clive Davies

In Perspective - Seminars, Videos and Tests
by Tatler

Canadian Kennel Club on Dangerous Dogs and Breed Bans

Best of Britain:
Crufts Invites Foreign BIS Winners
by Simon Parsons

Dog Showing Strategies
by Mary H. Wells

Titers vs. Revaccinating
by Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

The "Best in Show" Movie Experience
by Dany Canino

The Show Scene: Results of AKC Best in Show winners September-October

Breed Notes & Show Dates

News from the American kennel Club; The AKC Chairman's Report

UKC Responds to Boulder's Dog Guardian Law

World in Review:
Australia by Barbara Killworth
Sweden by Pamela Renai della Rena
South Africa by b.a. (Bart) Miller

Working Group Feature:
Jane Kay, George Rood, Roxanne Petersen Berton, Patricia W. Laurans, William P. Shelton and Arlene Davis answer Christi McDonald's questions

Akita Update
by Sophia kluzniacki, DVM

AKC News, AKC Chairman's Report

Breed Feature: The Judges Talk About Newfoundlands

The Versatile Newfoundland
by Betty McDonell

Looking Back... From Cassell's early 1900s "New Book of the Dog"

Letters/Bark Back, Our Readers Take Over

Rates & Deadlines

Who's Where - Index to Advertisers, Professional Handlers, Classifieds


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