Dog Fancy Table of Contents May, July and August 2001

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May 2001

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may 2001

Opening Space

Annie On...
The Spy in the Sky
by Anne Rogers Clark

Labradors Top AKC Registrations 2000

Sari's Point:
There are Breeds, and then there are BREEDS!
by Sari Brewster Tietjen

4th National AKC/CHF Parent Club Health Conference

FCI and "Rare Breeds"
by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Success in Show Dogs:
More "Sacred Cows"
by Richard G. Beauchamp

AKC Chairman's Report:
Too Many Members?
by David C. Merriam

Crufts Postponed, Protest Cancelled
by Simon Parsons

The Dog Show That Didn't Happen
by Lisa Croft-Elliott

In Perspective:
The Quest for #1- The Numbes Are Killing Us by Tatler
Kabuki by Michele Trifiro

Canadians at Westminster
by Joanne Boudreault

Did You Know...?
by Jody Paquette

AKC Canine Health Foundation News

CPR for the Canine
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

A Dread Disease:
by Pamela Renai della Rena

Top Dogs in Brazil 2000
by Marcelo Chagas

Kennel Feature:
Quachitah Chihuahuas
by Susan Salladay

History Lessons: Dobermans Then & Now

Westminster KC 2001: Photos, Results and Judges' Critiques

First Time Judging:
Sweepstakes and Puppy Matches
by Mary H. Wells

Show Scene: AKC All-Breed Shows, February & March 2001

International KC of Chicago:
34 Years Later
by Bo Bengtson

News from the American Kennel Club & Highlights from the February AKC Board Meeting

Special Feature: Foxhounds and Harriers

Health Buzz on Hounds
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Book Review:
American Foxhound
by Robert & Polly Smith

Upcoming Breed Features

Breed Notes & Show Dates

Bark Back/Sound Off: Our Readers Write

A Letter from Bob and Jane Forsyth e

Rates & Deadlines

Handlers, Photographers, Classifieds

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July 2001

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july 2001

Opening Space, Crufts & Dal Valle news

Annie On...
England, Part 2: An Interview with Anne Rogers Clark

Westminster KC 2002 Judges

The New Judging System
by Tatler

by Michele Trifiro

Art Show at the Dog Show

Did You Know? Christi McDonald finds a few unsung heroes...

New WKC Officers

Why Dog Showing is Good for Your Health
by Frank Pieterse

Best of Britain:
A New Beginning...
by Simon Parsons

Success in Show Dogs:
What Makes a Dog Show Special?
by Richard Beauchamp

Sari's Point:
About AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program
by Sari Brewster Tietjen

Help for the Enlarged Prostate
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Five Minutes with Vicki Holloway

From Canada
by Clive Davies

Dog Auctions:
A Reality for Purebred Dogs
by Patience Renziulli and Mary Magee

It's Time for a Dog Show Hotel!
by Paul Lepiane

News from the AKC: Highlights from the May 2001 AKC Board Meeting

Show Scene: April & May, 2001

AKC Canine Health Foundation News

Montgomery County KC Judges

World in Review:
Japan by Cindy Chandler
Russia and Poland by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
Destination South Africa by Wendy & Richard Paquette
Sydney Royal Show by Barbara Killworth

Italy's Government Plan for Dogs
by Pamela Renai della Rena

Top Dogs in Singapore; Versatility Titles

Special Hound Feature - Talking to the Hound Judges:
Judy Webb, Donald C. Martin, Carol Reisman, Dorothy Hutchinson, Lee Canalizo and Dr. Asa Mays answer Christi McDonald's questions

The All-Time Top Winning Hounds
by Bo Bengtson

Basics of Open Field Coursing
by Patricia Gail Burnham

Closing the Stud Book in Greyhounds
by Maureen Lucas

Breed Notes & Show Dates

Veterans Top Whippet National

The Judges Talk About Salukis

Bark Back/Sound Off: Letters

History Lesson: Irish Setters; Exhibitor Sues Parent Club

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August 2001

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august 2001

Opening Space

Annie On...
Sporting Dog Presentation
by Anne Rogers Clark

AKC Urges Airlines to Allow Travel with Dogs; Help Requested

Success in Show Dogs:
Specialist or All-Rounder
by Richard G. Beauchamp

Did You Know...
About Withholding Ribbons
By Christi McDonald

Sari's Point:
Is Our Sport Being Hi-Jacked?
by Sari Brewster Tietjen

Did You Miss Something?

Five Minutes With... Carl & Rosalie Anderson and Fred Bassett

Antibiotics - the Good and the Bad
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Behavior Basics
by Carol Markon

AKC Canine Health Foundation News

History Lesson: Doberman Pinschers; Dalmatians

A Judge's Perspective
by Faye Strauss

A Few Words from Our Readers...

Was This Really Crufts? asks Simon Parsons

Americans at Crufts

My First Crufts
by Francine Reisman

Best of Britain:
Scottish KC & Southern Counties
by Simon Parsons

Ron Menaker Show Chairman for AKC Dog Classic

by Clive Davies & Dawne Deeley

Show Scene: 189 May-June BIS winners!

Breed Notes & Show Dates

News from the American Kennel Club

World in Review:
Around and About Europe by Pamela Renai della Rena
Australia text and photos by Sally Stasytis

The AKC Canine Good Citizen Program, a response to Sari Tietjen
by Patti L. Strand

AKC Chairman's Report:
< /STRONG>International Issues
by David C. Merriam

The All-Time Top Toys
by Bo Bengtson

Talking to the Toy Judges:
Christi McDonald with Ed Jenner, Dawn Vick Hansen, Charlotte Clem McGowan, William Cunningham and Edd Embry Bivin

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels:
Consider the Whole-Colors
by Meredith Johnson-Snyder

AKC Announces Fee Increase

Breed Feature: The Judges Talk About Chihuahuas

Bark Back/Sound Off: Readers' Letters

Barbara Heller in Memoriam
A Miracle on Interstate 10
by Jean L. Heath

Index to Advertisers; Back Issues

Rates & Deadlines; Upcoming Features


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