Dog Fancy Table of Contents August 2004

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DOG FANCY August 2004

August 2004

Old Glory
Your guide to all of our articles on helping a senior dog thrive.

On the Offense
Four proactive health strategies to implement now.
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Comfort Considerations

How to keep him feeling his best.
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Mind Matters
Nurture mental health, too.

Welcome Home
Learn how to make a newly adopted senior part of your family.
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Sweet Dreams
Senior beds ease physical discomfort.

Extra, Extra
Investigate supplements to find out what they can offer your senior dog.

German Shepherd Dog: At Your Service
A keen mind and physical prowess make the German Shepherd Dog a worker extraordinaire.

English Springer Spaniel: Fringed benefits
Beneath the English Springer's Spaniel's feathery coat beats a faithful heart.

Cesky Terrier: Czech Mate
The Cesky Terrier fits devotion and an impish charm in a small package.

Puppy Photo Contest Winners

Winning Formula

Make sense of food labels to find the right fit for your dog.


Everyday Dog:
Overcome the challenges of confinement.

Understanding incontinence.

Real Dogs:
Police dog keeps on serving despite disability.


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