Dog Fancy Table of Contents - Summer 2003 - Summer 2004

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Posted: Mon Aug 16 00:00:00 PDT 2004

Summer 2003

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summer 2003

Super 7
Meet the top breeds.

Training with treats
Rewards help your dog learn.

Spike in the spotlight
The Rugrats' faithful dog speaks for the first time - but the voice sounds familiar.

Helping hands
These kids show you it's not hard to make a difference in dogs' lives.

From teeth to tail
Hands-on grooming for health and good looks.

I'll handle it

Jeremy and Jig aim for top-50 agility ranking.

My dog and me
Gidget the Wonder Dog
By Cody Armijo

Check out these opportunities to send us your pictures and letters.

"Sleepy Dog" Photo Contest

Best Friends
A photo album of kids and their dogs.

Ask D4K
Your canine questions answered.

Canine Notes
This issue: Kids write about "Why I Love My Dog."

Toy Box
A roundup of toys for you and your dog to share.

Recipe: Fruity Pup-sicles
Make a chillin' treat for your canine pal.

Brain Games
K9 Word Search: Do you know your doggie anatomy?

Maze: Help Fido find the bone.

D4K's Trivia Quiz: Fascinating facts and figures.

Craft: Turn your dog into a work of art
Step-by-step instructions for making a striking silhouette.

What am I?
See if you can recognize these breeds by their features.

Gallery of Breeds
Classified Dog

Fall/Winter 2003

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fall/winter 2003

The Uncivilized Acts of Dogs
Dogs can be so gross! Find out why they do what they do, and how you can correct disgusting behavior.
by Diana Mohler

After-School Special
Keep your home-alone dog happy while you're tied up in class.
by Andrew Perkins

Hollywood Goes to the Dogs
Thirteen-year-old Liam Aiken made a movie -- and a pack of new friends -- in this fall's Good Boy!
by Lisa Stone

Over the River and Through the Woods
Alaska's world-famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race also has a Jr. edition.
by Roger Sipe

Have a Seat!
With patience, persistence and some treats, you can teach your dog to sit!
by September Morn

"Sleepy Dog" Photo Contest Winners 
Shh ... don't wake up the doggies!

Golden Retriever
West Highland White Terrier
Boston Terrier
Shetland Sheepdog

"Funny Faces" Photo Contest
Enter your silly dog and win prizes!

K9 Kitchen
Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven!

Canine Celebrity Match Game
What movie did Scooby-Doo do?

True or False Dog Facts
Which statements are true and which are not? You decide.

Toy Box
Fun stuff for your best friend.

Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That
These classic riddles will put you in stitches!

Tongue Wagglers
Learn how the world says "dog."

Where in the World?
Dogs come from all around the world. Can you match the correct dog to the correct country or region of origin?

What am I?
Play detective and identify these close-up photos.

Games Answer Key
Find out how well you did on the quizzes and games in this issue.

Best Friends
See proud pet owners and their pups.

My Dog and Me
Meet Bucko, a yellow Lab from Northern California.
by Hana Amaral

Spring 2004

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spring 2004

Walk This Way
Think safety before you and your dog head out for a stroll.
by Jennifer Quasha

Beware the Bite!
Don't become a dog's next snack. Take the proper precautions to prevent being bit.
by Arden Moore

How Doo They Doo It!
Computer animation gives Scooby-Doo character in his second movie.
by Christine Hanson

The Agility Biz
A dog trainer in Texas enjoys the obstacles of this doggone sport.
by Rose Boccio

Roll Over, Rover
Teach your canine to lie down and roll.
by September Morn

Funny Face Photo Contest Winners
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Ha!

"What's in a Name" Contest
Tell us the story behind your dog's funny name!

Scooby-Doo Theme Song
Where are the words to the song?

Toy Box
Fun stuff for your best friend.

Scooby-Doo Quiz
Do you do the doo?

Lost Dog Word Search
Find the dogs in the puzzle.

Canine Crossword
Test your dog knowledge.

What's Up Pup?
Match the baby photos of these dogs.

K9 Kitchen
Make treats for your friend with four feet.

Games Answer Key
Find out how well you did on the quizzes and games in this issue.

Best Friends
See proud pet owners and their pups.

My Dog and Me
4-H fun with adopted dogs!
by Jill Birkinbine

Gallery of Breeds

Summer 2004

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summer 2004
Hit the beach this summer with your canine companion for a sizzling good time.
by Jean M. Fogle

Road Trip
This summer, bring along your dog on your family vacation.
by Jennifer Quasha

Camp Canine
Kids and camps go hand in hand, but consider a camp for kids and canines!
by Arden Moore

What's Up, Doc?
Become a veterinary technician and help animals.
by Rose Boccio

Rags to Riches
A new dog and a new adventure bring beloved Benji back to the big screen.
by Diana Mohler

Sporting Group
German Shorthaired Pointer

Hound Group

Working Group
Doberman Pinscher

Terrier Group
Scottish Terrier

Toy Group

Non-Sporting Group
Bichon Frise

Herding Group

"What's in a Name" Contest

Tell us the story behind how you named your dog.

I Spy
Barko Polo roams the U.S.

Toy Box
Fun stuff for your best friend.

Fido Funnies
Read these funny bones to your favorite pooch.

By the Numbers
One little, two little, three little doggies.

Hidden Pictures
Can you find all the missing objects?

My Dog and Me
So Cal boy shares his life with his best pal.
by Jake Akers


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