Dogs in Review Table of Contents - September 2004

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Dogs In Review - September 2004

September 2004

Annie On...
So You Are Going to Judge North of the Border
by Anne Rogers Clark

Dogs in Review Achievement Awards
Nominating Criteria & Voting Schedule

Success in Show Dogs: Answering "The Call"
by Richard G. Beauchamp

The Other Side of the Fence
The Pangs of Popularity Part IV, Labrador Retrievers
by Karen Steinrock

Breed Priorities
What the Judges Think - A Comparison
By Nikki Riggsbee

How to Organize a Dog Show, Part VII: The Premium List
by Betty-Anne Stenmark

So Long, Obedience
by Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.

Health Matters
To Breed or Not to Breed the Itchy Dog
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

Parent Club Profile
The American Bloodhound Club
by Sharon Sakson

How to Create a Great Ad, Part II
Color Basics and Digital Imaging
by Rich Gomez

Great Ones: A Storm at the Garden
by Kerrin Winter-Churchill
by Sharon Sakson

An Owner-Handler Success Story:
Ch.Marinebull's All The Way
by Muriel Lee

Talking to Bill Shelton
by Christi McDonald>

A Special Dogs in Review Tribute:
Remembering Joan Ludwig

The Dogs in Review Annual Canadian Feature

Judging in Canada, Eh?
by Jan Buchanan

You Want to Show in Canada?
by Dawne Deeley

Canada's Top Dogs 2003

Canada: Top Dogs of the Past




The AKC Achievement Awards

AKC Chairman Responsible Dog
Ownership Day
by Ron Menaker

The British Connection
Two Imports Dominate - American Judges at Three Counties - A Record 100 UK Champions
by Simon Parsons

News From the American Kennel Club; Highlights from the July AKC Board Meeting

World in Review:Austrailia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe

Oh Canada
From the East by Clive Davies
From the West by Dawne Deeley

Show Scen
AKC Best in Show winners June and July

Breed Notes & Show Dates

Letters/Bark Back
Our Readers Take Over

Rates & Deadlines

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