Dogs in Review Table of Contents - October 2004

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Dogs in Review - October 2004

October 2004

Opening Space

Annie On...
Trimming the Terrier
by Anne Rogers Clark

Success in Show Dogs:The Achievement Awards Revived
by Richard G. Beauchamp





The 2004 Dogs in Review Achievement Awards Nominating Committee
Analysis: How the West was Won - Again
by Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.

AKC Chairman's Report:
Governing Your AKC, by Ron Menaker

The Other Side of the Fence
The Pangs of Popularity - Poodles
by Karen Steinrock

A Day at the Spa
by Mary Sanders

Health Matters
Zoonosis: Sharing More Than Love
by Debra M. Eldredge, DVM

How To Organize A Dog Show, Part VIII: Catalogs, Clean-Up... and more
by Betty-Anne Stenmark

The History of Veterinary Medicine
by Amy Fernandez

News From the American Kennel Club; Highlights from the August AKC Board Meeting

How to Create a Great Ad, Part 3
Digital Photography
by Rich Gomez

The British Connection:
Tail Docking - Big Summer Shows - More American Winners Compulsory Written Critiques...
by Simon Parsons

Oh Canada:
From the East: by Clive Davies
From the West: by Dawne Deeley

AKC Aids Canine Victims of Florida Hurricanes

Junior Showmanship: Obstacles of Agility
by Cassandra B. Noe

World in Review:
Sweden, Australia, Korea, Slovakia and Croatia

Show Scene:
AKC Best in Show winners July and August

The Dogs in Review Annual Terrier Group Feature

165 The Terrier Breeders Speak

184 Montgomery County Kennel Club: Past Winners

190 Westminster Terrier Group Winners

199 Bull Terriers in Paintings and in Life,  by Richard G. Beauchamp

208 For the Record: Top Terriers of the Past

213 Cad an Mle Filte: Introducing the Glen of Imaal Terrier, by Liz Gay

216 The Dogs in Review Breed Feature: The Judges Talk About Kerry Blue Terriers 

234 Kerry Blue Terrier Winners

236 Kerry Blue Terriers I Have Known...Tommy and Family, by Ric Chashoudian

242 Devil - The Kerry Blue Heeler..., by Dana Flint with Kari Loken




Breed Notes & Show Dates

Letters/Bark Back
Our Readers Take Over

Rates & Deadlines

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