Dogs for Kids Table of Contents - January/February 2005

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Dogs for Kids - January/February 2005

January/February 2005

Snow Way!
During winter, don't stay inside! Bundle up, and make for some doggone outdoor fun.
by Jennifer Quasha

Amazing Kids
Meet some kids who have found creative ways to help animals.
by Arden Moore

Up, Up and Away
Teach your dog to jump and catch a flying disc.
by Diana Mohler



Subtle Signs
Paying attention to your dog's habits and behavior can help keep him healthy.
by Jean M. Fogle

Duff Stuff
Teen superstar Hilary Duff has a big heart when it comes to helping animals and kids.
by Jocelyn Heaney

It's the Tooth!
Brushing your dog's teeth will make him healthier and happier!
by Diana Mohler

Clothes Hound Contest Winners
All dressed up with a place to go - our winner's circle!

These breeds are some of the most  popular in America.
Golden Retriever
Labrador Retriever
German Shepherd Dog



Get Connected!
Visit us online for more fun stuff.

Pooch's Post Office
Our readers bark back.

Ask DFK!
Our doggie expert is ready to answer your questions. Ask away!
by September Morn

Nose for News
If there's a story, I'll sniff it out.
by Rover Newshound

Find out what the upcoming months have in store for you and your dog!

Discover what cool things are going on around the world.

Scooby-Doo's Creepy
Crossword Puzzle
Solve the mystery! Win a prize!

Toy Box
The New Year brings new toys. Check em out!

Funny Bones
Knock, knock. Who's there?

Fido's Figure-It-Out
Fill in the blanks to uncover a dog.

A Scrambled Shamble
Unscramble words to solve a riddle.

Dog Anatomy 101
Take a look at different types of dog tails.

Take a Bite Out of Crime
McGruff the Crime Dog turns 25.

K9 Kitchen
Teach tricks with this tasty treat.

Games Answer Key

If Dogs Could Speak
Caption our funny photo.

Gallery of Breeds

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