Dogs in Review Table of Contents January - April 2005

Featured Breeds: Cocker Spaniel, Komondor, Greyhound, Shiba Inu, Bull Terrier, Catalan Sheepdog, Newfoundland, Welsh Terrier, Australian Kelpie, Parson Russell Terrier, Border Collie, Olde English Bulldogge

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January 2005

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january 2005
Featured Breeds:
Cocker Spaniel



Angels in America

How a regular family transformed their tattered city shelter into a welcoming home.

The right rescue group for you
Dogs that suit just about any lifestyle await at specialized rescues.

New Beginnings
Turn your shy shelter dog into a confident companion.

DF35: 35 tips for adopting a dog

What dog lovers should know about....Rescues and shelters.

Master the bath
Step-by-step to a cuddle-worthy dog.

Shopping Exclusive
Products for dog lovers.

Cocker Spaniel: Do-it-all dog
Originally bred as a hunter, the Cocker Spaniel is now a favorite family pet.

Komondor: Working wonder
The loyal Komondor protects his flock with courage and vigilance.


Greyhound: A work of heart
Affectionate yet independent, the swift Greyhound is a sweet study in contradictions.

Everyday Dog:
Is your dog green? How canine jealousy works.

Try This: Teach you dog to play scent games.

Ask Dog Fancy: Your canine questions answered.

Best Behavior: Cabin fever.

Happy Endings: Keeping Faith.

Checkup: Safety Alert! 15 dangers in every home.

Ask the Vet: Your Medical questions answered.

Natural Wellness: St. John's Wort eases Ambo's anxiety.

Real Dogs: Misbehaved Border Collie becomes obedience champ.

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february 2005

February 2005

Shiba Inu
Bull Terrier
Catalan Sheepdog

How dog senses work
Understanding the senses that shape his world.

Lost and found
Meet four lost dogs who returned to their overjoyed families.

Tools for tub-time

A bonanza of products offers something for every dog's bath.

DF35: 35 tips for training
What dog lovers should know

Hope and glory
Meet five top Westminster contenders.

Shiba Inu: The king and you
Committed owners only need apply for the dynamic, independent Shiba Inu.

Bull Terrier: The genial gentleman
He's got pluck, but the Bull Terrier is best known for his social charm.

Catalan Sheepdog: A rare gem
A hardworking breed hailing from Spain, the Catalan Sheepdog exudes energy and intelligence.

Greyhound: A work of heart
Affectionate yet independent, the swift Greyhound is a sweet study in contradictions.

Everyday Dog: Eating out of bounds
Beyond the Brush: Show-dog looks, pet-dog styling.
Ask Dog Fancy: Your canine questions answered.
Best Behavior: Time for a walk makeover?
Happy Endings: Once a forgotten family member.

Checkup: Canine CPCR how-to.
Ask The Vet: Your medical questions answered.
Natural Wellness: Gold bead therapy soothes Snowdrift's hip dysplasia.

Real Dogs:
Kelsie masters 200 commands to help owner lead full life.

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march 2005


March 2005

Featured Breeds
Welsh Terrier
Australian Kelpie


The secret behind free dog care
How to organize a neighborhood exchange.

What's behind doggie odor
Tackle that doggie smell with regular bathing and specially designed household products.

What dog lovers should know about...dogs in popular culture.

Matters of the Heart
Meet four heartworm disease survivors, and learn why prevention is more important than ever.

Top 13 dog myths: Fact or fiction?
Learn the amazing truths behind 13 common myths.

Newfoundland: Just add water
Originally bred to help fishermen, the giant Newfoundland makes a strong, sweet companion on land or sea.

Welsh Terrier: Spirit of Wales<
The Welsh Terrier loves the hunt and home.

Australian Kelpie: Wonder from Down Under.
The tough, independent Australian Kelpie thrives in his job as a herder.

Everyday Dog:
How to deal with a dominant dog.

Try This: You can teach Fetch.
Ask Dog Fancy: Your canine questions answered.
Best Behavior: The power of the paw. 
Happy Endings: Disabled pup finds a loving home.

Skin cancer alert.
Ask the Vet: Your medical questions answered. 
Natural Wellness: Raw food relieves Winston's allergies.

Real Dogs:
Abandoned Iraqi pup helps soldiers keep watch.

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Our Contributors
Canine Traveler
Real Dogs
Junior Fanciers

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april 2005

April 2005

Featured Breeds
Parson Russell Terrier
Border Collie
Olde English Bulldogge

Bye-bye bugs: How to beat fleas and ticks
Read how real owners fight fleas and ticks.

The puppy test
Eight questions to gauge your readiness for this lifelong commitment.  

Pick the right breed for you
Find the breed that best suits your lifestyle.

Puppy-child safety
Strategies for helping kids and puppies get along.

What dog lovers should know about...puppies

Parson Russell Terrier: Larger than life
The bold, exuberant Parson Russell Terrier brings verve and intelligence to everything he does.

Border Collie: Renaissance dog
Long known for his herding prowess, the well-rounded Border Collie brings the same focus to any task.

Olde English Bulldogge: Power from the past
The hardy Olde English Bulldogge delivers confidence and loyalty. 

Life in the Dog House
Safety plus sophistication equal a dream home for you and your dog.

The link between animal and domestic abuse.
For the Love of Dogs: How to be a good volunteer.
NY ATMs offer more than money.

Everyday Dog:
Steps to social success.
Beyond the Brush: Got pup? Get grooming!

Ask Dog Fancy: Your canine questions answered.

Best Behavior: Stress-free housetraining. 

Happy Endings: A super store pup.

Checkup: Hospice care can ease the suffering of critically ill dogs.

ASK THE VET: Your medical questions answered. 

Natural Wellness: 'Pure diet' helps Ginger fight cancer. 

Real Dogs: Naughty pup becomes agility champ.

To Our Readers
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Canine Traveler
Real Dogs
Junior Fanciers


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