Dogs for Kids Table of Contents March/April 2005

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Dogs for Kids

March/April 2005

Protect the Ones You Love
With the help of the ASPCA, you can give voices to dogs who can't ask for help.
by Kacy Ulz

Cool Jobs: Badges of Honor
Humane Law Enforcement officers serve and protect the animal public.
by Rose Boccio



Lights, Camera, Action!
Acting skills teach you and your dog discipline and character ... and could bring you fame and fortune!
by Jean M. Fogle

Dogs by Design
Designer dogs are mixed breeds.
by Maryann Mott

The Wonder Years
Growing up with a dog makes you a better and more able person.
by Arden Moore

Pet Pedicure Procedure
Trimming a dog's nails takes patience, practice and attention to detail.
by September Morn

Guiding Lights
Train a dog to be the eyes and ears for people in need.
by Kitson Flynn

These breeds are some of the rarest in America.
Coton de Tulear
Dogue de Bordeaux
Norwegian Buhund



Get Connected!
Visit us online for more fun stuff.

Pooch's Post Office
Tell us what you like or don't like.

Ask DFK!
Our doggie expert is ready to answer your questions. Ask away!
by September Morn

Nose for News
If there's a story, I'll sniff it out.
by Rover Newshound

Find out what the upcoming months have in store for you and your dog!

Discover what cool things are going on around the world.

Hooray for Howlywood!
Our movie-inspired crossword puzzle has a canine tilt.

Toy Box
We have stuff for you and stuff for your dog.

All Bark and No Bite
What's true? What's false?

Where's Fido?
Our dog is missing; can you find him?

An Unsolved Mystery
Unscramble the letters to solve a riddle.

Brain Drain
How smart is your dog?
by Mari Wadsworth

From the Dog's Mouth
Caption our funny photo.

Gallery of Breeds


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