Dogs for Kids Table of Contents May/June 2005

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Dogs for Kids May/June 2005

May/June 2005

Presidential Pooch
Barney, President Bush's Scottish Terrier, is the top dog in the White House.
by Diana Mohler

You Look Fabulous
Brush and comb your dog's coat to have him lookin' and feelin' great.
by Rose Boccio

Holy Muttrimony!
Including dogs in weddings is one way to make them feel special and loved.
by Arden Moore



Best in Show
Dog shows allow dogs to strut their stuff.
by Maryann Mott

The First Step Toward Stardom
Dog shows aren't just for watching. Get involved in junior showmanship.
by Jean M. Fogle

Bedlington Terrier
Chinese Crested
Chinese Shar-Pei


Get Connected!
Visit us online for more fun stuff.

Pooch's Post Office
Our readers bark back.

Ask DFK!
We answer your questions.
by September Morn

Nose for News
If there's a story, I'll sniff it out.
by Kacy Ulz

All the President's Men ... er, Dogs
Behind every great president is a good dog.

The Incredible, A-Maze-ing Flea Circus
Help Ash Flea Simpson find her way out.

Find out what the upcoming months have in store for you and your dog!

What's going on during May and June?

Where's the Fire?
Can you help this dog find the correct fire hydrant?

A Day at the Park
Find the items in the word search.

Say What?
Tongue twisters are tough to tay.

Lazy Dog LImericks
The popular poem style gets a canine twist.

Tales of the Ridiculous!
Dogs have funny bones and so do we!

The Write Stuff
by Kacy Ulz

Heads (and Tails) of the Class
Meet past winners from Westminster and Crufts dog shows.

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