August 2000 & November 2000

Featured Breeds: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Bichon Frise, Drever, Greyhound, Karelian Bear Dog, Swedish Vallhund

Posted: Tue Nov 5 00:00:00 PST 2002


ADF (Ask Dog Fancy)
ADV (Adventure)
AV (Ask the Vet)
BB (Best Behavior)
CU (Check-Up)
DW (Dog Watch)
GG (Great Grooming)
NF (Natural Front)
PERS (Perspective)
RD (Real Dogs)
SS (Sit, Stay)

August 2000



Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Cover) (8/00)
Bichon Frise (8/00)
Drever (8/00)

Cloning (8/00)
Dog recreation centers (8/00)
Engineering perfection - pinpointing disease genes (8/00)
Massage (8/00)
Taking your dog to college (8/00)
Teaching your dog manners for everyday life (8/00)
Treating and preventing ear infections (8/00)
Understanding lab reports (8/00)

Sections and Departments
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals offers free answers to pet care (8/00)
Expert tips to battle the bulge (DW) (8/00)
German Shepherd cutouts scare away birds at airport (DW - Short Walks) (8/00)
Grant supports study of human-animal bond (DW) (8/00)
Karen Frey - award winning artist (DW) (8/00) files lawsuit against the Conan O'Brien Show (DW - Short Walks) (8/00)
Police officer and K-9 partner buried together (DW - Short Walks) (8/00)
Revolution Mobile educates people about pet care (DW) (8/00)
Tick-transmitted diseases on the rise - Health Brief (DW) (8/00)
Using green lipped mussel extract to decrease arthritis symptoms - Health Brief (DW) (8/00)
Treating for fleas naturally (NF) (8/00)
Licking and chewing paws (AV - formerly The Vet is In) (8/00)
Myasthenia Gravis (AV - formerly The Vet is In) (8/00)
Stroke/Vestibular Syndrome (AV - formerly The Vet is In) (8/00)
American Bulldog that doesn't bark (ADF) (8/00)
Bad breath (ADF) (8/00)
Dog protecting its domain (ADF) (8/00)
Dog that dislikes being groomed (ADF) (8/00)
Eating facial tissues (ADF) (8/00)
Eating other dogs' feces (ADF) (8/00)
Westminster facts (ADF) (8/00)
Teach leash manners in two easy steps (BB - formerly On Good Behavior) (8/00)
Book Reviews: Adopt the Perfect Dog, Gwen Bailey; Dog Shows (Chronicle Books); Lost and Found, Elizabeth Hess; Siberian Huskies, Kerry Kern; The Illustrated Veterinary Guide, Chris C. Pinney, DVM; Three Cats, Two Dogs, David Congalton (8/00)
"Gentle Labrador Retriever Motivates Kids to Get Well" (RD - formerly Dogs That Make a Difference) (8/00)
Bethlehem, Pa. (ADV) (8/00)

November 2000



Greyhound (Cover) (11/00)
Karelian Bear Dog (11/00)
Swedish Vallhund (11/00)

Bulldog from Little Nicky (11/00)
Dogs enforce human boundaries and save grizzlies gone astray (11/00)
Physical therapy and rehabilitation (11/00)
'Tis the season for safety (11/00)
Using positive association to teach your dog social etiquette (11/00)

Sections and Departments
AKC reopens the American Eskimo Studbook (DW) (11/00)
Al Gore's and George Bush's dogs (DW) (11/00)
Greyhound racing faces ban (DW) (11/00)
Postage stamp made of 13-year-old's drawing (DW) (11/00)
Volkswagon Shepherd rescue-awareness vehicle (DW) (11/00)
Wiry coats require diligent grooming - Show Scene (DW) (11/00)
AKC's Canine Health Foundation (CU) (11/00)
Glaucoma (CU) (11/00)
Is a meat-free diet good for your dog? (CU) (11/00)
Long-nosed dogs suffer from secondhand smoke (CU) (11/00)
Megaesophagus (NF) (11/00)
Dog eating grass (AV) (11/00)
Humping (AV) (11/00)
Roundworms/Whipworms (AV) (11/00)
Dogs sharing the bed (SS) (11/00)
Mushing (SS) (11/00)
Are short walks enough? (ADF) (11/00)
Licking (ADF) (11/00)
Not eating when owners are away (ADF) (11/00)
Proper way to pick up a dog (ADF) (11/00)
Safe car travel (BB) (11/00)
Take stock of your grooming supplies (GG) (11/00)
Book Reviews: Colter, Rick Bass; How to be as Terrific as YourDog Thinks You Are, Mort Crim; Jack Russell Terriers, D. Caroline Coile; Sexy Dogs, edited by J.C. Suarez; The Social Lives of Dogs, Elizabeth Marshall Thomas(11/00)
"My Guardian Angel: This Nordic Smarty Saved His Diabetic Owner's Life" (RD) (11/00)
Minnesota (ADV) (11/00)
"Retirement Plan" (retiring guide dogs) (PERS) (11/00)


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