January - April 2001

Featured Breeds: Bearded Collie, English Foxhound, Affenpinscher, Canaan Dog, Carolina Dog, Picardy Shepherd, Great Dane, Puli, Irish Red and White Setter

Posted: Wed Nov 6 00:00:00 PST 2002

ADF (Ask Dog Fancy)
ADV (Adventure)
AV (Ask the Vet)
BB (Best Behavior)
CU (Check-Up)
DW (Dog Watch)
GG (Great Grooming)
NF (Natural Front)
PERS (Perspective)
RD (Real Dogs)
SS (Sit, Stay)

January 2001



Bearded Collie (Cover) (1/01)
English Foxhound (1/01)
Affenpinscher (1/01)


Consumer's guide to specialty diets (1/01)
Is your dog psychic? (1/01)
The Ttouch (1/01)

Sections and Departments
Auction of Snoopy statue (DW) (1/01)
Dog tattoos (DW) (1/01)
Morris and Essex Kennel Club Show returns from a 42 year hiatus (DW) (1/01)
Service dogs for victims of assault (DW) (1/01)
Start early for big success - Show Scene (DW) (1/01)
Study to find how dogs may help autistic children (DW) (1/01)
Tropical disease becomes epidemic among foxhounds (CU) (1/01)
Picking the right dietary supplement (NF) (1/01)
Dog with allergies (AV) (1/01)
Relieving arthritis pain (AV) (1/01)
Healthy alternatives to treats (SS) (1/01)
Importance of seat belts (SS) (1/01)
New Year's resolutions (SS) (1/01)
Social encounters while dog-walking (SS) (1/01)
Teaching your dog manners (SS) (1/01)
Are rocks bad for dogs' feet? (ADF) (1/01)
Grooming brushes (ADF) (1/01)
Jealousy toward a new dog (ADF) (1/01)
Shy Shiba Inu (ADF) (1/01)
Papertraining (BB) (1/01)
How to find the best professional groomer (GG) (1/01)
Book Reviews: The Animal Attraction: Humans and Their Animal Companions, Dr. Jonica Newby; The Arthritis Cure for Pets, Brian Beale, DVM and Brenda Adderly; Barron's Illustrated Guide to 140 Dog Breeds, Katharina von der Leyen; Dogs and Their People, Steve Diller (1/01)
"Play Ball: Rio the Portuguese Water Dog Goes Deep in the Big League" (dog who retrieves baseballs from a major league ball park) (RD) (1/01)
Mexico (ADV) (1/01)
"Turning Point: One Dog's Loving Gaze Changed This Doctor's Course for Good" (PERS) (1/01)

February 2001



Canaan Dog (Cover) (2/01)
Carolina Dog (2/01)
Picardy Shepherd (2/01)

Anti-barking collars (2/01)
Do dogs understand what we say? (2/01)
Veterinarians who make house calls (2/01)
Westminster Spectator Guide: Jack Russell Terriers debut at Westminster; junior handlers; can J.R. take Best in Show? (2/01)

Sections and Departments
Diligent care keeps a coat in winning form - Show Scene (DW) (2/01)
Photographer creates dog portraits to raise money for rescue organizations (DW) (2/01)
Why brushing your dog's teeth is important (CU) (2/01)
Reiki (NF) (2/01)
Fear of thunder and lightning (AV) (2/01)
Chocolate is harmful to dogs (SS) (2/01)
First-aid courses for pets (SS) (2/01)
Leg lifting (SS) (2/01)
Barking and jumping Border Collie (ADF) (2/01)
Car chasing and running away (ADF) (2/01)
Change in personality (ADF) (2/01)
Controlling enthusiasm in a possible show dog (ADF) (2/01)
Dalmatian that doesn't play (ADF) (2/01)
Dog that snarls and bites when picked up (ADF) (2/01)
Multi-pet harmony (BB) (2/01)
Six common grooming disasters and how to avoid them (GG) (2/01)
Book Reviews: German Shepherd: An Owner's Guide, Peter Neville; The Holistic Animal Handbook: A Guidebook to Nutrition, Health, a nd Communication, Patrice Matellon and Kate Solisti-Matellon; Pet Emergency: First Aid For Dogs (video); Urban Dog, Cis Frankel (2/01)
"We Are One: Sable the Lifesaving Lab Gives Her Owner Comfort and Confidence" (RD) (2/01)
Manhattan, N.Y. (ADV) (2/01)
"A 'Princess Finds Her Way': Seeing is Not Necessarily Believing for this Joyful Chow Chow (PERS) (2/01)

March 2001

MARCH 2001


Great Dane (Cover) (3/01)
Irish Red and White Setter

"100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd" (3/01)
Abusing antibiotics (3/01)
Behavior hotlines (3/01)
Dog camps (3/01)
Pet cemetaries (3/01)

Sections and Departments
Crufts Dog Show - Show Scene (DW) (3/01)
Iditarod (DW) (3/01)
Pet Sitters (DW) (3/01)
Bloodtest that pinpoints imbalances - Health Brief (CU) (3/01)
Does your dog need braces? (CU) (3/01)
Dog blood donors (CU) (3/01)
Owning a dog reduces stress - Health Brief (CU) (3/01)
Easing arthritis pain with a holistic approach (NF) (3/01)
Best time to have a dog spayed (AV) (3/01)
Fear of nail trimming (AV) (3/01)
Hard breathing and coughing after a walk (AV) (3/01)
Teach your dog to "play nice" (SS) (3/01)
Top ten dog movies (SS) (3/01)
Warm milk to soothe dogs (SS) (3/01)
Dogs scaring cats (ADF) (3/01)
Is the Dogue de Bordeaux extinct? (ADF) (3/01)
Preparing your dog for the arrival of a new baby (ADF) (3/01)
Helping your shy dog come out of its she'll (BB) (3/01)
Don't overlook your dog's eyes (GG) (3/01)
Book Reviews: 50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Dog, Arden Moore; Off to a Good Start, Mary Thompson; The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Susan M. Ewing; Puppy Love: Raise Your Dog the Clicker Way, Karen Pryor(3/01)
"Expert Witness: From Crime Scenes to Ancient Burial Sites, Amazing Eagle Unearths the Truth" (RD) (3/01)
Watch Hill, R.I. (ADV) (3/01)
"The Sparkle in His Eye Energized Me: A Spirited Cardigan Welsh Corgi Adapts to a New Life on Wheels" (PERS) (3/01)

April 2001

APRIL 2001


Dalmatian (Cover) (4/01)
Border Terrier (4/01)
New Guinea Singing Dog (4/01)

Annual Puppy Guide: picking the perfect puppy; basic training for puppies; tips to keep your puppy happy and healthy; starting early for a lifetime of trouble-free grooming; essential puppy products (4/01)
Rally Obedience (4/01)

Sections and Departments
Dogs top cats in new survey (DW) (4/01)
Identification helps reunite lost dogs and owners/Tag Day (DW) (4/01)
Keep Easter treats out of dogs' reach (DW) (4/01)
Keeping Basenji in top condition - Show Scene (DW) (4/01)
The 50 most popular breeds (DW) (4/01)
UKC adds four breeds to registry membership (DW) (4/01)
Monthly routine to prevent Heartworm Disease (CU) (4/01)
Morris Animal Foundation helps researchers isolate defective gene (CU) (4/01)
Rare tropical disease strikes toy poodle (CU) (4/01)
Soothe and cure ear infections (CU) (4/01)
Supplement for better hearing (NF) (4/01)
Catch Chronic Hepatitis early (AV) (4/01)
Physiological incontinence (AV) (4/01)
Crotch sniffing (SS) (4/01)
How to t ell if your dog is a senior (SS) (4/01)
Surviving a disaster (SS) (4/01)
Are there any new dog breeds? (ADF) (4/01)
Dog that doesn't eat when traveling (ADF) (4/01)
Has a dog been in space? (ADF) (4/01)
Overly friendly Sheltie (ADF) (4/01)
Spoiled dog (ADF) (4/01)
Trash eating (ADF) (4/01)
Getting a good night's sleep with a new puppy in the house (BB) (4/01)
Grooming for Cocker Spaniels (GG) (4/01)
Book Reviews: A Dog's Gotta Do What a Dog's Gotta Do, Marilyn Singer; Dog Tricks for Dummies, Sarah Hodgson; Kindred Spirits, Allen M. Schoen, DVM; The Miniature Pinscher, Jacklyn Hungerland, Ph.D. (4/01)
"Cleared for Takeoff! Pioneering Border Collie Sets Runway Standard" (RD) (4/01)
Houseboating (ADV) (4/01)
"Lucky's Charm: This Dog Has Three Legs, Nine Lives, and One Courageous Spirit" (PERS) (4/01)


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