May - August 2001

Featured Breeds: Mini-Breeds - Schnauzer, Pinscher, Bull Terrier, Poodle, Spanish Water Dog, Labrador Retriever, Kerry Blue Terrier, Peruvian Inca Orchid, Aidi, American Staffordshire Terrier, Field Spaniel, Brittany, Manchester Terrier, Stabyhoun

Posted: Thu Nov 7 00:00:00 PST 2002

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BB (Best Behavior)
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May 2001

MAY 2001


Mini-Breeds - Schnauzer, Pinscher, Bull Terrier, Poodle (Cover) (5/01)
Spanish Water Dog (5/01)

Fighting fleas and ticks (5/01)
Ten great escapes (5/01)
Westminster results (5/01)

Sections and Departments
Missionary unites dogs and inmates to help the disabled (DW) (5/01)
Turken Program makes dogs more adoptable (DW) (5/01)
War dogs saluted in new book (DW) (5/01)
Diseases you can catch from your dog (CU) (5/01)
Nausea after chemotherapy - Health Brief (CU) (5/01)
New procedure for hip dysplasia - Health Brief (CU) (5/01)
Seven therapies to help incontinent dogs regain control (NF) (5/01)
Problems with anal glands (AV) (5/01)
Tooth brushing (AV) (5/01)
How to avoid dog bites (SS) (5/01)
Poop-eating (SS) (5/01)
Begging dog (ADF) (5/01)
Dog that doesn't wag its tail (ADF) (5/01)
How long should a dog be confined in a crate (ADF) (5/01)
Overprotective Cockapoo (ADF) (5/01)
Give your dog a place to dig (BB) (5/01)
Stop dog odor (GG) (5/01)
Book Reviews: A.J.'s Dogumentary, A.J. Poulin; Bond for Life, Ian Robinson, Ph.D. and Jo Wills, DVM, Ph.D.; The Difficulty of Being a Dog, Roger Grenier; The Dog Show: 125 Years of Westminster, William F. Stifel(5/01)
"No Cold Feet: Rookie Rescue Dog Saves Man, 21, in Canada's First Live Avalanche Recovery" (RD) (5/01)
Palm Beach, Fla.(ADV) (5/01)
"Last Wish Fulfilled: Tom Moore and His Keeshond Were Together in Life and Death" (PERS) (5/01)

June 2001

JUNE 2001


Labrador Retriever (Cover) (6/02)
Kerry Blue Terrier (6/02)
Peruvian Inca Orchid (6/02)

Consumer's guide to vitamins and supplements (6/02)
Exercising with your dog (6/02)
Less food, more exercise (6/02)
Rescue groups

Sections and Departments
National Disaster Preparedness Month for Animals (DW) (6/02)
Providence Children's Museum "Pets and People" exhibit (DW) (6/02)
Take Your Dog to Work Day 2001 (DW) (6/02)
Weimeraner wins Kentuckiana dog show - Show Scene (DW) (6/02)
Breast cancer in dogs (CU) (6/02)
Enzyme supplement that helps dogs digest and absorb nutrients (NF) (6/02)
Collapsing trachea (AV) (6/02)
Depressed dog (AV) (6/02)
Is birdseed harmful to dogs? (AV) (6/02)
Skunk spray (SS) (6/02)
Dog afraid of going up stairs (ADF) (6/02)
Dog that hates getting wet (ADF) (6/02)
4 easy steps to curb nipping and biting (BB) (6/02)
Grooming for the Schnauzer (GG) (6/02)
Book Reviews: Dog Massage, Maryjean Ballner; Going for Blue: Inside the World of Show Dogs and Dog Shows, Roger Caras; Labrador Retrievers for Dummies, Joel Walton and Eve Adamson; A Widow, A Chihuahua and Harry Truman, M ary Beth Crain;
"High Hopes: Former Drug-Detection Dog Jumps for Joy" (RD) (6/02)
Las Vegas, Nev. (ADV) (6/02)
"My Love Isn't Unrequited. So How Will This Volunteer Puppy Parent Move On?" (PERS) (6/02)

July 2001

JULY 2001

Breed Profiles

American Staffordshire Terrier (cover)
Field Spaniel

Human allergies
Animal emergency rooms
Canine freestyle
Legal issues
Salty dogs (boating dogs)

Sections and Departments
Canine cotillions (NH)
Cats and Dogs (NH)
Hot car warning (NH)
Rescued dogs take the stage in Animal Planet Live (NH)
Snoopy stamp (NH)
St. Bernards in peril as Chinese delicacy (NH)
Temperature monitoring devices for cars (NH)
Training shelter dogs to be polite with visitors (NH)
Utah's largest animal welfare coalition (NH)
Lyme disease (CU)
Managing liver disease with diet (CU)
Rare case of rapid eye movement behavior disorder (CU)
Diagnosing allergies before treatment (AV)
Eye problems (AV)
Hip problems - Legg-Perthes disease (AV)
Flower therapy can help soothe fear and anxiety (NF)
Desensitizing puppies to loud noises (SS)
Fear of fireworks (SS)
Be the leader of your pack (BB)
Aggression when on-leash (ADF)
Choke collar the cause of scratching? (ADF)
Housetraining (ADF)
Puppy purchasing basics (ADF)
Summer grooming tips (GG)
"Incredible hulk" (lifesaving St. Bernard) (RD)
Oregon (ADV)
Book Reviews: Best Friends, Samantha Glenn; The Latchkey Dog, Jodi Anderson; Poodle Clipping and Grooming, Shirlee Kalstone; Your Older Dog, Jean Callahan.
"Molly was a true lady" (blind Cocker Spaniel) (PERS)

August 2001


Breed Profiles

Manchester Terrier (cover)

Dogs in the workplace
Great American Mutt Show
Look-alike contest winners
Training mistakes

Sections and Departments
Bank donates to non-profit pet welfare organization (NH)
Doggie diners (NH)
Designer doghouses (designers help AIDS patients) (NH)
German Pinscher recognized by AKC (NH)
Mr. Winkle (NH)
Pet-related cartoon website raises money for American Humane Assoc. in Colo. (NH)
Skippy's Dog Hero of the Year award winners (NH)
Eyesight restored to 3 blind pups (CU)
Hip dysplasia eased by early surgery (CU)
Home cooked diets (CU)
Hyperthermia (heat stroke) (CU)
Tests for diseases (CU)
Veterinarians encouraged to report abuse (CU)
Bronchitis (AV)
Itchy skin (AV)
Second hand smoke allergies (AV)
Dandruff (NF)
Dogs reduce stress in people (SS)
Incredible Dog Trick Show (SS)
Use jealousy to get your dog's attention (SS)
Why do dogs fetch? (SS)
"Timeout! Remove rewards and stop bad behavior in no time" (BB)
Are mixed breeds healthier? (ADF)
Fighting at mealtime (ADF)
Unfriendly to one particular person (ADF)
Grooming for senior dogs (GG)
"First line of defense" (US Dept. of Agriculture sniffing dog) (RD)
Cape Cod (ADV)
Book Reviews: Juliette of the He rbs, produced by Tish Streeten; K9 Schutzhund Training, Resi Gerritsen and Ruud Haak; A Thousand Hounds, edited by Raymond Merritt and Miles Barth; Traveling With Your Pet, AAA Publishing.
"Life lesson in love" (woman has trouble with her adopted dog) (PERS)


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