January - April 2002

Featured Breeds: Australian Shepherd, Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever, Rat Terrier, Anatolian Shepherd Dog, German Shorthaired Pointer, Spinone Italiano, Basset Hound, Doberman Pinscher, Mountain Feist, Airedale Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, Azawakh

Posted: Sat Nov 9 00:00:00 PST 2002

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January 2002


Breed Profiles

Australian Shepherd (cover)
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver
Rat Terrier

Canine depression
Escape artists
Skin diseases

Sections and Departments
Afghan hounds victims of racial hatred (NH)
AKC agility team wins World Championship in Portugal (NH)
MASH units for search and rescue dogs at Ground Zero (NH)
New rules for flying with dogs (NH)
New Jersey dog wins ACE award (NH)
Search and rescue dogs at Ground Zero in N.Y. (NH)
Tufts donates money to search dogs (NH)
Does a dog have the right to self-defense? (LO)
Boot that can save limbs from amputation (CU)
Labradors at top of injuries list (CU)
Paralysis treatment for dogs with spinal injuries (CU)
Parvovirus (CU)
Tapeworms (CU)
Do dogs go into heat after spaying? (AV)
Pedicures (AV)
Rough pads (AV)
Stepdogs (SS)
Teach your dog to use a pet door (SS)
Tips to curb digging (SS)
Why do dogs chew everything? (SS)
Calming a hyper dog (BB)
Constantly breaking out of kennel/yard (ADF)
Fear of street drains (ADF)
Jealous when another dog gets attention (ADF)
Lagging behind (ADF)
Brushing (GT)
Big Bear Lake, Calif. (DEST)
"Cat angel" (dog that rescues cats) (RD)
Book Reviews: First Dogs, produced by Taima Hervas, James Lipscomb, and Dena Seidel (video); Is My Dog Okay? Jeff Nichol; Metrodog, Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson; The Portable Petswelcome.com, edited by Fred Grayson and Chris Kingsley
"All you need is love" (optimism in the wake of Sept. 11) (PERS)

February 2002


Breed Profiles

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
German Shorthaired Pointer (cover)
Spinone Italiano

Beautiful Coat Contest winners
Canine cupids
Dental care
Westminster Preview: Can Mick the Kerry Blue Terrier win Westminster?; Safety first in New York; How judges choose the winners; the Hotel Pennsylvania

Sections and Departments
Barkford e-cards (NH)
California court ok's death sentence for "vicious dog" (NH)
Doberman war dog statue (NH)
Puppy sales increase after Sept. 11 (NH)
Steinbeck centennial (NH)
El-Al Airlines offers "points for pets" frequent flyer programs (DD)
Making sure your dog is taken care of when you're gone (LO)
Antifreeze (CU)
Bones (CU)
Diet to help curb aggression (CU)
Peruvian Inca Orchid protected against extinction (CU)
Questions to ask before surgery (CU)
Search and rescue dogs to have follow-up care an d take part in health studies (CU)
Bloat (gastric dilation-volvulus syndrome) (AV)
Eating rocks (AV)
Licking leads to callus (AV)
Dogs in the workplace might improve concentration and relieve stress (SS)
Resist temptation (SS)
Search and rescue teams (SS)
Turning a one-person dog into a family pet (BB)
Dog confined to basement eliminating indoors (ADF)
Nipping (ADF)
Weimaraners don't do well when left alone (ADF)
Finding a good mobile groomer (GT)
Aspen, Colo. (DEST)
"She saved my life" (guide dog and blind man escape Twin Towers) (RD)
Book Reviews: Dog, Deborah Samuel; Ghost Dogs of the South, Randy Russell and Janet Barnett; Introduction to Dog Agility, Margaret H. Bonham; Paws for a Minute, Inger Martens
"No job. No boss. One dog" (retired couple and their Golden Retriever) (PERS)

March 2002

MARCH 2002

Breed Profiles

Basset Hound
Doberman Pinscher (cover)
Mountain Feist

Collar dangers
Dogs and divorce
Do we need breeders?
"Take one dog and call me in the morning" (Marty Becker book excerpt)

Sections and Departments
Amy Brazil's dog art appears in Neiman Marcus store window (NH)
Degree program in animal shelter management (NH)
Dogs put young readers at ease (NH)
GMC fashions new SUV for dogs (NH)
Otter - the dog that paints (NH)
Save South Florida's strays (NH)
Dogs enjoy royal treatment at the Met (DD)
Me, my dog, and my landlord (LO)
"Good" bacteria (CU)
Associate for Canine software program (CU)
Baking chocolate the most hazardous type (CU)
Cancer stricken Terrier responds to chemotherapy (CU)
Gene screen could curb deaths (CU)
Help your dog get back in shape (CU)
Nylabone Plaque Attacker a safety hazard (CU)
Reducing hassle and stress at the veterinarian's office (CU)
Treat tumors in one session (CU)
Balanced diets (AV)
Causes of hair loss (AV)
Ideal age to adopt a puppy (AV)
Getting a second dog (SS)
Teach your dog to give a kiss (SS)
Why do puppies like to nip? (SS)
"7 easy steps to curb fear of dogs" (BB)
Fear of bugs (ADF)
Fear of shoes (ADF)
Paper training (ADF)
Pouncing (ADF)
Dryer dangers (GT)
San Antonio, Texas (DEST)
"Maybie, Maybe not" (headstrong pup becomes agility champion) (RD)
Book Reviews: 21st Century Dog, edited by Michael J. Rosen; 25 Stupid Mistakes Dog Owners Make, Janine Adams; Choosing a Dog for Dummies, Chris Walkowicz; Scent of Murder, Cynthia Alwyn
"All in a day's work" (pet sitter) (PERS)

April 2002

APRIL 2002

Breed Profiles

Airedale Terrier
Alaskan Malamute (cover)

10 common mistakes and how to avoid them
After you take home a puppy...
Before you take home a puppy...
Child's play

Sections and Departments
Anheiser Busch's dog-themed beer steins (NH)
Death of Buddy, former First Dog (NH)
J.R. retires (NH)
Meet the new Benji (NH)
Paul McCartney calls f or public vote to ban hunting with dogs (NH)
Rhythmic Paws - video from World Canine Freestyle Organization (NH)
Tucker - shelter dog is now drug-sniffer at an Alberta prison (NH)
Web site for K9 cops - offers advice and information (NH)
Find values on the Web (DD)
Got a lemon of a dog? (LO)
Antibiotic-resistant staph infections possibly transmitted by owners (CU)
Bypass surgery revives Retriever (CU)
Contraceptive vaccine (CU)
Deputy revives dog (CU)
Early care spares Chihuahua from heart disease (CU)
Injectable cough vaccine is best (CU)
Shock wave therapy (CU)
What you can learn from your dog's urine (CU)
Acanthomatous epulis (oral tumors) (AV)
Cushing's disease (AV)
Osteochondritis Dissecans (AV)
Lure coursing (SS)
Teach your dog to take a pill (SS)
Why do dogs whine? (SS)
Looking for a trainer? (BB)
Avoiding jumps in agility (ADF)
Dog won't move when leashed (ADF)
How much sleep does a dog need? (ADF)
Playing with vacuum cleaner (ADF)
"Paint, tar, burrs? No problem. (GT)
Savannah, Ga. (DEST)
"The nose knows" (persistent dog sniffs out cancer) (RD)
Book Reviews: Dogtionary, Sharon Montrose; Fitness Planner for Your Dog, Linda Waniorek; The Power of Positive Dog Training, Pat Miller; The Ultimate Puppy Book, Terry Ryan and Theresa Shipp.
"Walking Honey" (you can't adopt them all) (PERS)


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