January - April 2003

Featured Breeds: Shih Tzu, Vizsla, Tosa Ken, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pointer, Shiloh Shepherd, Norwegian Elkhound, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Toy Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier, Irish Wolfhound, Belgian Sheepdog

Posted: Mon Dec 30 00:00:00 PST 2002

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January 2003


Breed Profiles
Shih Tzu (Cover)
Tosa Ken

Canine exercise warm ups
Collars 101
Joint health
Mixed breeds compete

Sections and Departments
AKC honors five outstanding dogs (NH)
Canine stress control (NH)
Community Animal Shelter Association's programs encourages positive interaction between pets and people (NH)
Jack Russel Terriers to be registered as Parson Russell Terriers (NH)
Multnomah County, Ore., makes it illegal to tie up a dog outside for more than 10 hours (NH)
Orlando Museum of Art shows 35 works of art featuring dogs (NH)
Richmond, Va., SPCA opens 64,000-square-foot Robins-Starr Humane Center (NH)
Which breed was on the Ark? (NH)
Owner or guardian? (LO)
Antifreeze dangers (CU)
Daily dental and coat care helps prevent infection (CU)
Essential oils (CU)
Parasite prevention (CU)
Pets can reduce a child's risk of allergies (CU)
Winter workouts (CU)
Lipomas (AV)
Stopping the spread of parvovirus (AV)
Wake up tired training routines (SS)
Destructive home-alone puppy (ADF)
Hyperactive Siberian Husky (ADF)
Labrador puppy growls when picked up (ADF)
When is a Labrador considered a senior? (ADF)
Leave it! Teach your dog to stop stealing food (BB)
Give your dog a water-free bath (GT)
Shake off (DW/TT)
Golden moment: Senior dog sounds a life-saving alert (RD)
The world according to Duke: A temporarily paralyzed Labrador Retriever teaches his family a thing or two about life. (PERS)

Products: Excel Antibacterial Wipes, Joint Rescue, PetPlugs (earplugs), PMI Nutrition dry food

Gear: Comfort Zone mimics the pheromones of lactating female; Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser; Holistix all-natural dog biscuits; Metro Air Force Dog House Pet Dryer

Reviews: "The Danes of Send Manor," Gordon Stewart; "Emergency Animal Rescue Stories," edited by Terri Crisp; "Mine!" Jean Donaldson; "The Seeing Eye," Steven Swanbeck

February 2003


Breed Profiles

Rhodesian Ridgeback (Cover)


Shiloh Shepherd




Pawsitive Placement the tale of Luke and Greta

Shelter overpopulation

Westminster preview


Sections and Departments

137 Citipets Tips for Finding & Relocating to a New Home booklet (NH)

AKC National Agility Championship winners (NH)

The appeal of rare breeds (NH)

Clubs join in national disc-dog championship (NH)

Newsletter published by two teenagers The Pet Press (NH)

Preparing for natural disasters (NH)

Toy Fox Terrier moved from AKC's Miscellaneous class into Toy Group; German Pinscher moved from Miscellaneous class into Working Group (NH)

When your dog bites someone (LO)

The behavior-brain link (CU)

Brush now for a healthier dog (CU)

Dogs make DNA mapping list (CU)

How to lodge a veterinary complaint (CU)

Signs of hypothyroidism (CU)

Spray insulin safe, researcher says (CU)

What is the normal temperature for a dog? (AV)

Spirocerca lupi esophageal worm (AV)

Teach the inducive retrieve (SS)

Dog eating cat feces (ADF)

Shetland Sheepdog that never lies down (ADF)

Eight-year-old Beagle moving into new home with 3 dogs (ADF)

Teach self-control (BB)

Skin care for hairless breeds (GT)

Teach your dog to drink from a sports bottle (DW/TT)

Positive Poodle: Three-legged therapy dog wins award and hearts (RD)

An odd couple: Scrawny, mischievous Alex is Princess Annie's funny little valentine. (PERS)


Products: Dental Chews Plus (Harper's Pet Products), Doggie Dentist toothpaste, Hartz Healthy Measure Brush n Clean dental kit, Inobys PetFirst's Oral Care Formula


Gear: Double Duty 2-in-1 treat and odor containment system, Talk To Me Treats Fresh Breath and Dental Care Dog Treats, Meet the Beagles products (Beatles-inspired T-shirts, key chains, mugs, buttons, and mouse pads), Science Diet's Nature's Best dog food.

Reviews: "Bones Would Rain from the Sky," Suzanne Clothier, "Canine Epilepsy," Caroline D. Levin, "Dog Heroes," Jen Binder, "The Well-Bred Dog," Lisa Zador and James Walter


March 2003

MARCH 2003

Breed Profiles
Norwegian Elkhound (Cover)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Toy Poodle

Better dogs through technology
Canine agility
Little dog lost
Pawsitive Placement Three legs and Sam

Sections and Departments
Dogs and their non-dog friends (NH)
Dogs not allowed at Mount Rushmore (NH)
Standard Poodle wins Best in Show at Kennel Club of Philadelphia dog shows (NH)
New Jersey passes anti-debarking law (NH)
Mick the Kerry Blue Terrier wins Best in Show at AKC Eukanuba National Invitational Championship (NH)
Dogs and divorce (LO)
Better treatment with less pain (CU)
Grape toxicity (CU)
What veterinary degree abbreviations mean ( CU)
Losing excess weight helps arthritic dogs walk with less pain (CU)
Nicotine poisoning (CU)
Dogs' individual vaccination needs (CU)
Protect your dog from West Nile Virus (CU)
Problem digging (AV)
Helping a dog with cancer (AV)
10 Tips to head off separation anxiety (SS)
San Francisco (DEST)
Doing agility with an easily excitable dog (ADF)
American Temperament Test Society (ADF)
The right dog (ADF)
Bringing up baby (BB)
Time-trimming grooming tips (GT)
Teach your dog patience (DW/TT)

Four-paw drive: Alaskan Husky Pixie leads this park patrol. (RD)
Crate Beginnings: A cozy home calms a troubled dog. (PERS)

Products: Bite Not cervical collar; Grizzly Salmon Oil Dog Food Supplement


Gear: Faces on Time watches; Simmons PetCare Beautyrest beds; Pet Locator Inc.; Premier Pet Wipes Dental Wipes

Reviews: "City Dog," Patricia Curtis; "First Aid for Dogs," Andrew Gardiner; "How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend," The Monks of New Skete; "Name That Pet!" Naomi Lieboff


April 2003


Breed Profiles
Yorkshire Terrier
Irish Wolfhound
Belgian Sheepdog

Pick a breed that suits your activity level
Labrador Retrievers are once again No. 1 on AKC's registration list
Meeting breeds at dog shows
Puppy tips
Pawsitive Placement: An attachment to Abby

Sections and Departments
Domestic violence hurts dogs, too (NH)
Chicago Park District's pilot program off-leash beaches (NH)
DOGNY raises over $2 million (NH)
Little Orphan Angels supplies pet meals to Meals-on-Wheels (NH)
Cruelty: Felony or misdemeanor? (LO)
10 steps to health (CU)
Weight control (CU)
Corncob dangers (CU)
Study monitors 9-11 dogs (CU)
Best exercise for a big dog (AV)
DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus) (AV)
Laryngeal paralysis (AV)
Puppy kindergarten (SS)
New Orleans (DEST)
Jumping on people and furniture (ADF)
Shih Tzu that rolls over when people get near (ADF)
Recipe for dog treats (ADF)
Involve the whole family in training (BB)
Puppy grooming tips (GT)
Teach your puppy bite control (DW/TT)
Bears beware: Lab mix fends off black bear to save owner. (RD)
Singin' in the rain: Canine actor struts his stuff while toting an umbrella. (PERS)

Products: 3 in 1 Wound Cream, Ester-C Chelated Mineral Blend for Animals supplements (Intercal), Total Pet Health Liquid Food Supplement

Gear: Royal Canin's MINI Yorkshire 28 dog food, Bodhi toys, the Dog Den, the Big Red Box 1st aid kit

Reviews: "The Beagle," Diane Morgan; "The Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs," Darlene Arden; "The Compassion of Dogs," Kim Dearth; "The Dog Chapel," Stephen Huneck


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