September - December 2002

Featured Breeds: Fila Brasileiro, Spinone Italiano, Bouvier des Flandres, American Bulldog

Posted: Thu Jul 24 00:00:00 PDT 2003

September 2002


Breed Profile
Fila Brasileiro

Rally round the rarest of the rare.
Take a look at 50 rare breeds.

Demand for Dogs
There is an urgent need for service dogs and trainers are stepping up to the challenge.

At-Home Agility
Turn your backyard into your own agility course with this step-by-step guide.

Take the bite out of canine dental hygiene.
Advice from experts about techniques and tools make canine dental care a little cleaner.

Reigning Cats & Dogs: Are cats in control?

The Doctor is In: Tough training and top tools nail diagnoses.

Help the Canine Mind: Pets also grieve when a loved one dies.

Breeder's Notebook: Frozen semen and its use is debated.

October 2002


Breed Profile
Spinone Italiano

Size Matters
The relationship between the size of your dog and the food it eats is important in helping maintain a healthy diet-learn what nutritional needs your dog may have, whatever its size.

There's a killer loose in America's heartland
Dysautonomia attacks a dog's nervous system and can kill it within 14 days. Get to know the symptoms and signs before it's too late.

Grooming the Terriers
Grooming their varying hair lengths and textures requires a lot of knowledge and patience. Take notes on some of our tips.

Check out what happens when a city dog meets some country sheep
Do its herding instincts take over? How are instinct tests different from stock dog training?

Reigning Cats & Dogs:
Why do cats have the upper paw?

The Doctor is In: Keep your eyes open for eye problems-something trivial may be more serious than you think.

Help the Canine Mind: Dancing with dogs-Canine Freestyle combines training with music and choreography.

Good Buy! Check out the latest in product innovations-from food and treats to toys and gift items-for you and your pup.

November 2002


Breed Profile
Bouvier des Flandres

Your dog may be at risk for disk disease.
Discover what the symptoms are and what options are available for treat ment.

Overly possessive dogs can be hard to handle.
Take some tips on how to manage an overly possessive dog and how to maintain acceptable behavior.

Trick Training
Once a thing of the past, this training method has re-emerged as an effective and reliable way to train your dog. Learn, or re-learn, the benefits and try it for yourself!

Meet Les, a Pekingese from Scotland, and His Trainer from the South
See what magic their partnership performs that has led them to 24 best-in-shows and over 50 toy group wins, moving them up to the top 3 toy dogs in the nation.

Reigning Cats & Dogs: Winter is upon us - find out how to practice winter care with your dog.

The Doctor is In: The blood test results are in: Advancements in testing techniques help pinpoint disease.

Help the Canine Mind: We tell you the Do's and Don'ts of Dog Parks, a place where your dog can truly be himself.

Good Buy! Do dangerous' dogs deserve a second chance? A look at legislation suggests that time is of essence to remedy behavioral problems.

December 2002


Breed Profile
American Bulldog

To herd, not hurt
Without a human pack leader, a herding dog may resort to hurting behavior - chasing and gripping everything that moves. Find out how to train and manage this instinctive behavior.

Feed a fever, starve a cold. But what do you feed your canine cancer patient?
Studies on the effects of dietary therapy have shown promising results - see what food can help treat various cancers.

Increase your dog's lifespan
We tell you about food restrictions, diseases and longevity in dogs that may help your larger dog live longer.

No boundaries
A Papillon service dog transforms the life of his owner and gets the job done.

Reigning Cats & Dogs: Who's smarter, cats or dogs? Read expert opinions on who they think outsmarts whom.

The Doctor is In: Veterinary medications - why do they cost what they do?

Show Business: Since a puppy is only as good as the breeder, find out how to locate responsible breeders, and thus, the perfect puppy for you.

Grooming tip: What's the difference between grooming a Schnauzer for show and pet? Time. Check out the techniques.


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