January, Februay, April 2003

Featured Breeds: Coton de Tulear, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

Posted: Thu Jul 24 00:00:00 PDT 2003

January 2003


Breed Profile
Coton de Tulear

Westminster Preview
The bid for immortality.

Stop the Silence
Genetic enhancements may help breeders avoid inherited traits that can lead to deafness in white or merle dogs.

Power Eating
Nutrition for high performers.

Judging 101
Do you have what it takes to be a show judge?

Reader Survey
Let us know what you think about Dog World.

From the Editor: Making a connection.

Laws & Paws: Seeing the insurers' side

The Doctor Is In: How to improve the odds for breeding success.

Breeder's Notebook: Sound breeding contracts: read before you breed.

Show Nation: The no-nonsense Irene Bivin.

Groom to Win: Brightening white coats.

Learning the Ropes: Picking a show prospect.

DW Dateline: Pets may allergy-proof children; new name for the JRT; Elvis helps the hounds.

DW Healthline: Meisha's Hope; getting to the bottom of a cough.

Good Buy! New products for you and your dog.

Meet & Compete: Upcoming conformation and performance event information.

February 2003


Breed Profile
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Graduating by a Nose
Spend a week at the National Police Bloodhound Association Training Seminar.

Testing Your Pup's Personality
Breeders differ in how they select puppies to go to shows, performance, and pet homes.

Retire? Who, Me?
What happens to your dog when his conformation career has ended?

Helping Hands
The TTouch training method may give agility dogs a leg-up in competition.

Terrier Mecca!
Highlights from the Montgomery County Kennel Club terrier specialty.

From the Editor: Angels in our lives.

About Agility: Say goodbye to mid-course panic.

The Doctor Is In: Vaccinations - an update on protocols.

Breeder's Notebook: The consummate canine.

Show Nation: The politically incorrect Captain Haggerty.

Groom to Win: Outfitting a home grooming center.

Learning the Ropes: Training for the show ring.

DW Dateline:
Dog sniffs out fishy contraband
Herding dogs strut their stuff
Cutting-edge shelter

DW Healthline:
West Nile Virus update
Canine genome selected for study
Kennel cough

Good Buy! New products for you and your dog.

Paws in Review: Books for the dog enthusiast.

Meet & Compete: Upcoming conformation and performance event information.

April 2003

APRIL 2003

Breed Profile
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The War Against Parasites
Fleas, ticks, and heartworm can be defeated with preparation, vigilance, and treatment.

Hunting a Toxic Enemy
Scent-trained dogs sniff out tough-to-find indoor mold.

A New Spin on an Old Tradition
Today, carting is fun as well as functional, and is open to dogs of all ages.

Groom to Win: Let us spray.

About Agility: The need for speed.

Learning the Ropes: Conditioning for the ring.

Breeder's Notebook: Wondering, worrying, and waiting.

The Doctor is in: Recognizing and managing arthritis in dogs.

Show Nation: Meet the canine art world's Top Dog, William Secord.

DW Healthline:
Mood and music
Dog days at work.

DW Dateline:
Dogs not forgotten by Meals on Wheels
New study on obsessive-compulsive disorder
Memorial for military dogs
MolosserStock Spring Fest.

Paws in Review: Books for the dog enthusiast.

Meet & Compete: Upcoming conformation and performance event information.


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