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Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes everyone! :D It rained on my birthday, so that wasn't very nice.. But I did get a chicken icy and a can of dog food, spending to evening with all the animals! I also just realized that I haven't told you all about the new additions to the family! Olivia had 5 kittens 4 weeks ago! There is one who is food aggressive (like me!), another who is super spunky, one that is more mature then the others and likes to try everything first, one that LOVES shoes, and one that is super cuddly and plump! Mommy's going to try and get some new pictures to show everyone, they're so cute! The other day they were out running around and started coming straight for me! Mommy stopped the kittens before they got to me though, she said that they are very fragile and I would probably hurt them! Can you believe that? She thinks I would hurt some cute kittens! The kittens were also following the donkeys around as well, though mommy tried to keep the kittens away from the donkeys because the donkeys like to stomp cats! Luckily the donkeys saw that they were just kittens and didn't try to stomp them. How is everyone? It's still raining here! I can't wait for the weather to dry up! The other day I was running through the grass and stepped on a bee and it stung me! I limped around for alittle bit but then I was ok.. Mommy still made me lie around and didn't walk me much though.. Bark back to you all soon!




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sharig   Belen, NM

2/18/2014 10:33:44 PM

Yesterday I went over to meet a new freind, had a great time running around playing and then I took a nap. Mom said Adonis could come over next week and spend a few nights, happy happy me. Maybe now the pugs won't be so mad at me now that I will have someone new to run around with.

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Lorna - 277613   Poplarfield, MB

12/16/2013 8:57:37 AM

Hello BeeJay! Love your penguin dance video!

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vivian - 188964   merion station, PA

10/26/2013 4:03:30 PM

This is a great avatar.

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