Why Does My Dog...?

Why Dogs Why Dog? Why?!

Ever wonder why your dog does the things he does? Is he just being a dog or is there something weird about his behavior?

From strange dog behaviors, to ones that might make you blush, we're uncovering the secrets behind what makes dogs tick and also looking into some odd doggie myths. Can dog's drink from a straw? Do they like to be hugged?

Stay tuned for all of your dog questions answered!

How Dogs Keep Us Healthy

Researchers are finding that dogs can keep us emotionally and physically healthier.

Dog Breeds Named After Countries

Country-Claimed and Named Dog Breeds

Most Popular Dog Breeds in the World

We often look at the most popular breeds in America, but we're taking this search global!

Tails Tell All

What your dog's tail is telling you!

What To Do When Your Dog Steps in Poop

When life hands you a dog covered in poop, make (were you expecting lemonade?) a list of all your panic-stricken thoughts.


Every Dog from Disney Animated Classics Compiled into One Chart

Goofy and Pluto: Both dogs, but only Goofy can talk?

Pampered Pooch or Spoiled Spaniel?

Find out if your dog has you wrapped around his little paw or is just well-taken care of.

Choosing a Dog - 5 Things to Know

Take these tips to heart before getting a new dog.

Would Your Dog Come to Your Rescue?

If you were lying in the street and only your dog was there to see it, would he care?

Urban Coyotes and Dog Walking

Have you ever encountered a coyote on a dog walk? Find out how to protect you and your dog.


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