Dog Obesity

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Team Up for Dog Weight Loss

Partner with your overweight dog in the fight against fat.

Dogs with Diabetes

Though there is no cure for diabetes, you can manage your dog’s diabetes with medication and special treatment.

Exercise and Diet for Dog Weight Loss

Dog obesity can cause or complicate many other conditions, such as arthritis.

Dog Body Condition Scoring System

Determine if your dog is overweight by reading the clues of his body structure.

Overweight Greyhound

Reduce your dog's calories a little and add a little exercise for weight loss.


Doggie Diets

Obesity in dogs is just as big of a problem as it is in people.

Dachshund Eating Large Dog's Food Portions

Portion control for small dog will help maintain his weight.

Dachshund Is Obese, not Overweight

Thirty-five pound dog needs prescription diet to lose weight.

Feeding a Dog to Get and Stay Fit

Dietary changes can help owners of overweight dogs get their pets in shape and stay in shape.

*New* Nutrution Webinar

The third webinar in a series brought to you by Nature’s Variety, explores the silent epidemic of pet obesity.


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