Dog Care

Five Dog-Kennel Myths, a Exclusive!

Correct these common kennel misconceptions before designing your own dog kennel.

Take the Weight-Loss Challenge

Admitting your dog is overweight is the first step.

Coping With Dog Urinary Problems

Could your dog be suffering from a urinary problem?

Inside Hemopet, a Nonprofit Animal Blood Bank

A Dog World magazine editor takes a look inside Hemopet, the first private nonprofit blood bank for dogs.

Senior Dog Health Warning Signs

7 signs that could mean trouble in your senior dog’s health.


Tips for Transporting an Injured Dog

Find out how to properly transport an injured dog to a veterinarian or emergency animal clinic.

Relax Your Dog Naturally

Regulate your dog's immune system with these natural remedies.

Household Garbage Is Toxic Trash for Dogs

Trash-eating dogs could be at risk for a variety of illnesses, the ASPCA offer tips to keep them safe.

Naturally Prepared

Check out these seven holistic ways to ready dogs for performance.

Are You Guilty of Over-Grooming?

Some breeds should be shown in the ring naturally with minimal grooming.


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