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Dog World 1916 From the Archives of Dog World: Enjoy this all-access pass to dog history from the pages of the most revered dog magazines.


“The DOG WORLD, an illustrated monthly journal devoted to the interest of the Dog, Dog Breeders and Dog Fanciers, will make its first appearance in January 1916. It will be an accurate recorder and interpreter of all the events that make Dog history, treating the news of the day in an authoritative manner and presenting articles pertinent to canine subjects. We appreciate the fact that to be successful in this venture, we must have the co-operation of all those interested in Dogs.”

Planned Breeding: Planned Breeding by Lloyd C. Brackett is a series of articles about purebred dog breeding that was originally published in Dog World magazine between July 1960 and May 1961. Read the articles>> 

Irish Setter: A Look Back

Discover how the Irish Setter dog breed’s history and standard was viewed in the United States in 1916.

A Look Back at the Pomeranian

The Pomeranian dog breed was as beloved in 1916 as it is today.

Looking Back at the Airedale Terrier

Explore the Airedale Terrier dog breed’s history from its origins to the standard in 1916.

Which Dogs Breeds Make the Best Police Dogs?

Discover the history of police dog work and which dog breeds were thought to have made the best police dogs in this 1923 Dog World article.


Raising a Dog

In this 1923 Dog World article, the editors explain what they feel a prospective dog owner should look for when getting a dog and how to care for your new dog.

The Best Dog Breed: Airedale Terrier or Cocker Spaniel?

Read about these two dog experts’ opinions on the best dog breed – the Airedale Terrier and the Cocker Spaniel - in this 1923 Dog World article.

The Wirehaired Fox Terrier

This 1923 Dog World article praises one of the most popular dog breeds at the time, the Wirehaired Fox Terrier.

Training the German Police Dog

This fascinating Dog World article from 1923 details the specific jobs and tasks of a German Shepherd Dog in training to be a police dog.

Dog’s Teeth Cause Bad Breath

Read about the causes and treatments of bad breath in dogs, according to veterinarians back in 1923, in this Dog World dental care article.


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