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Planet of the Apes…And Their Canine Companions

Dogs and apes sharing the special bonds of friendship.

Bee Careful: Everything You Need to Know About Dog Bee Stings

It is bee season out in the warm summer months. Make sure your dog is safe from those nasty bee stings.

Why Do Dogs Run Away: Fourth of July Edition

While Fourth of July is a time for fun and excitement, it’s also one of the busiest times of year for dogs to go missing.

Four-Legged Forensics Experts Sniff Out Historic Burial Grounds

Think your dog might have a nose for grave sleuthing?


Must Have Tips for a Dog-Friendly Fourth of July

We are all aware that while the Fourth of July is fun for humans, it can be a scary night for our four-legged friends.

Chaos, Cannibals and Canines: How to Survive the Apocalypse with Your Dog

We all know that it’s only a matter of time before civilization crumbles around us.

Tails From the Bark Side: Hazards of The Job

At an office job you might get in an argument with a coworker, as a doctor you could come down with the latest cold, but as a dog walker, the risks are a bit more unique.

Tails From the Bark Side: Meet the Dog Walker

Stories, laughs, mishaps and more from the trails and tails of a professional dog walker.

Are Retractable Leashes Safe for Dogs?

Flexi leads or freedom leashes, might seem like more fun for Fido, but at what cost?


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