2011 DOG FANCY Exclusive

December 2011

DOG FANCY December 2011


Editor's Choice Photo Shoot Video
See photos featuring the DOG FANCY Editors and adoptable dogs from the Irvine Animal Care Center.

Holiday Treats
Give your dog an extra special treat this season with these holiday recipes.

Gifts That Keep on Giving
Don't just give a gift this year. Give a gift that gives back! Find giving gifts for your friends and family that will benefit dogs.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Unwelcome Doggy Guest?
Learn how to make sure both you and your dog get invited to the next holiday get together.

Bulldog Quiz
Let’s see how much you know about this clownish and loving breed.

Norwegian Elkhound Quiz
Test your knowledge of this tough, but sweet breed. 

Japanese Chin Quiz
How much do you know about this petite and intelligent breed?

November 2011

dog fancy november 2011 

Look-alike Contest Gallery
See the gallery of online entries for the Look-alike Contest!  

Gift Guide: Gifts for Dogs
Gift giving that gives back.

Charity Investigation
Learn how to research dog charities and find out where your gifts are going.

Cancer Prevention
Important, must read tips on catching canine cancer before it catches you and your dog off-guard.   

SMART DOG EXTRA! Dealing With Shyness
Feeding your dog to overcome shyness may not be the best answer.

Basset Hound Quiz
Let’s see how much you know about this long and low breed.            

Havanese Quiz
Test your knowledge of this tiny companion. 

Pyrenean Mastiff Quiz
How much do you know about this large, docile breed?

Puppy Nutrition Quiz 
Test your knowledge of feeding your furry friend in his first year. 

October 2011

dog fancy october 2011 

DogTown USA
Has your city gone to the dogs? Learn about former DogTown winners and find out how to make your town a dog-friendly place.   

Norman The Scooter Dog
Check out this pooch’s impressive scooter skills.

Get Lost and Found!
Check out our must-see list of GPS devices that help locate and track lost dogs.

Me and My Rescue Contest
See the gallery of online entries for the Me and My Rescue Contest.   

Training Tips and Tricks
Have the most well-behaved dog on the block with our articles on dog training and behavior.

SMART DOG EXTRA! TTouch Balance Leash
Learn the technique to wrapping a balance leash.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Little Dog Safety
Small dogs may be victim to larger breeds.

Mi-Ki Quiz
How much do you know about the Mi-Ki?

Soft Coated Wheaten Quiz
Test your knowledge of this terrier breed. 

Standard Schnauzer
Think you know about the Standard Schnauzer? Find out!

September 2011

DOG FANCY September

Mutt Makeover
See adoptable dogs go from street-wise to style-wise when they get makeovers to help them find forever homes. 

Emerging Diseases
Check out our list of medical symptoms and conditions to help you identify if your dog might be sick due to an emerging illness.

DOG FANCY’s Working Canine Hero of the Year Awards
See the online gallery of this year’s amazing runner-ups for the Working Canine Hero Awards.

Rottweiler Quiz
Are you a Rottie expert? Take the quiz!

Scottish Terrier Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Scottish Terrier.

Think you know about the Standard Schnauzer? Find out!

August 2011

Dog Fancy August 2011

August 2011/Natural Dognatural dog

Perking Up Your Senior Dog
Keep your senior dog in great health with these articles.

Trim Your Vet Bills
Check out these organizations that help owners pay veterinary bills.

The Great Debate” Feedback
Read what our readers had to say about pack theory vs. positive reinforcement training.

Does it Pay to Insure?
Find out if pet insurance is right for your dog and your wallet.

Travel Gadgets for Dogs on the Go
The must have checklist for your traveling dog. 

Eyenimal Video
See things from a dogs perspective!

Golden Oldies Gallery
View pictures from the Golden Oldies photo contest

Border Terrier Quiz
Test your knowledge of this enthusiastic breed.

Water Spaniel Quiz
How much do you know about the Water Spaniel?

Dachshund Quiz
Are you a Dachshund expert? Find out!

SMART DOG EXTRA! A Fetching Partnership
Learn how to play a better game of fetch.

Fleas and Ticks
Treat and prevent fleas with these great articles. 

Massage Your Dog at Home
Try these safe, simple ways to give your dog a healing massage

Vinyard Eco-Hike Slideshow
See pictures from a unique winery tour and hike you can do with your dog!

Nutrition for your Active Dog Quiz
Do you know how to feed your active dog?

July 2011

DOG FANCY | July 2011

Summer Safety Guide for Dogs
Prepare your dog for sunny summer weather with our checklist.

Is Your Dog Accident-Prone?
House soiling is sometimes unavoidable with dogs. Watch our exclusive video and learn how to clean up your dog’s accidents with five easy steps.

How I Get Away With My Dog Forum
Thinking of "staycationing" with your dog? Share your ideas on our forums!

Heading to South Beach
Learn these Spanish phrases to help your dog fit in.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Drive to Procreate
Discover how unneutered male dogs will go to great lengths to find female dogs in heat.

American Pit Bull Terrier Quiz
Let’s see how much you know about this American breed.

Spanish Water Dog Quiz
How much do you know about the Spanish Water Dog?

Tibetan Spaniel Quiz
Test your knowledge of the Tibetan Spaniel.

June 2011
DOG FANCY | June 2011

America’s Best Dog Events
Dog Events Calendar              

Home on the Road
Enjoy the comfort of home with your dog on an RV vacation.
By Sally Deneen

Dog Training Technique Quiz
Positive reinforcement or pack theory?

SMART DOG EXTRA! Car Accidents
Learn how to protect your dogs in case they're involved in a collision.

Take Your Dog to Work Day Central
Here is everything you need to know to make it easier to take your pooch to work.

American Hairless Quiz
Can you correctly answer five questions about this breed?

Belgian Malinois Quiz
Test your knowledge of this working dog breed.

Brittany Quiz
How much do you know about this breed?

May 2011
DOG FANCY | May 2011
May 2011/Natural Dog
Natural Dog | May 2011

Flea and Tick Central
Find everything you need to know about parasites and how to treat your dog.

Dog Skin Diagnostics
Learn about the common skin ailments that affect dogs.

Show Dogs of the Year Awards
Check out the top show dogs of the year, as well as other winners.

DogChannel's Best in Show Contest
Enter our contest and see how your canine companion stacks up against competition from around the country.

SMART DOG EXTRA! The Canine Curriculum
Dog sports and training build self confidence, social skills in young people.

Heading to Chicago?
If you want to take your dog to any of the city's dog-friendly areas, you'll need a special tag which must be obtained from a Chicago-area vet. Find one here.

Chow Chow Quiz
Can you correctly answer the following five questions about Chow Chows?

Black and Tan Coonhound Quiz
How much do you know about this breed?

Chihuahua Quiz
Test your knowledge of this tiny breed.

Eco-Friendly Dog Food Quiz
Do you know the latest dog food options? Take our quiz and find out.

Doggie Doo Digester
This DIY project is a green solution for the backyard.

Make Your Own Dog-Safe Cleaners
Use household ingredients to make great natural solutions.

April 2011
DOG FANCY | April 2011 

Beagling Video Showcase
Check out a roundup of the Web's best clips of beagling events.

New Dog Toolkit
Packed with the latest info on puppy health, nutrition, training and more, the New Dog Toolkit has the answers to any new dog owner's questions.

Five Tips for Cleaning Up Accidents
Watch a video on the best way to clean up accidents on any surface.

Video Highlights From the National Championship
A behind-the-scenes look at the 2010 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship in Long Beach, Calif.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Stop a Dog From Vehicle Guarding
Dogs inside cars may become aggressive if people encroach on their territory.

Labrador Retriever Quiz
Can you correctly answer the following five questions about Labs?

Clumber Spaniel Quiz
How much do you know about this French breed.

Parson Russell Terrier Quiz
Test your knowledge of this fiesty breed.

March 2011
DOG FANCY | March 2011

Dogs and Allergies Quiz
Take our quiz to see if you're up to snuff on how to limit doggie allergens.

Doggie Idol Video Contest
Enter a video of your canine star showing off her unique talent or charming personality.

Life Changes Forum
If you've had to help your dog cope with a move, a divorce or other dramatic change, share your story on our forums.

Check out behind-the-scenes footage of OK Go’s “White Knuckles” music video.

Learn how to make your dog return to you with these tips.

HEALTHY DOG EXTRA! 7 Essential Tips for Living With a Diabetic Dog
How to successfully manage your dog’s diabetes in your everyday life.

French Bulldog Quiz
Let’s see how much you know about this clownish, compassionate breed.

Spinone Italiano Quiz
How much do you know about this rare Italian dog breed?

German Shorthaired Pointer Quiz
How much do you know about this energetic and intelligent breed?

February 2011
Dog Fancy February 2011

February 2011/Natural Dog
natural dog 2011

How to Brush a Dog's Teeth
Start your dog on a healthy dental regimen with help from this step-by-step slide show.

Grooming Phobia Forum
If you've had to deal with a dog who hated grooming, share your tips on our forums!

Dog Love Photo Gallery
Browse through all of our online entries for this year's Doggie Valentine Contest.

How To Become a Therapy Dog
Think your dog might make a great therapy dog? We break down the process from training to certification.

Smooth Fox Terrier Quiz
How much do you know about this fiesty dog breed?

Mastiff Quiz
Test your knowledge of this massive and loyal breed.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Training After Puppy Kindergarten
Don’t stop at puppy kindergarten. Educating your dog is a lifelong commitment.

New Holistic Therapies Quiz
Are you up to snuff on the latest non-surgical options for your dog? Take our quiz and find out.

Natural Dog Success Stories
Read true stories of dogs whose lives were healed by natural care from their vets and owners.

Natural Dog Prevention Methods
More than just immune boosters, find out how supplements, nutrition and natural preventives contribute to your dog’s well-being.

January 2011
DOG FANCY | January 2011

Dog Aging Chart
Find out your dog's relative age in human years with help from a handy chart.

Career-Changers Forum
Thinking of trying a new career in dogs? Or have you already made the switch? Join the discussion on our forums.

Feeding a Dog to Get and Stay Fit
Dietary changes can help owners of overweight dogs get their pets in shape and stay in shape.

Make Your Own Dog First-Aid Kit
How to assemble a kit for your dog.

Dog Myths Quiz
Take our quiz to see if you can separate fact from fiction about dogs.

Samoyed Quiz
How much do you know about this ancient dog breed?

English Setter Quiz
Can you tell what sets this setter apart from his two cousins?

SMART DOG EXTRA! The Presence of a Protection Dog
When using a dog to thwart danger, an obedient and sizable dog may be the best choice.

ADOPTED DOG EXTRA! A Golden Transformation
Golden, a Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue’s Project Home Life graduate, becomes a new dog after she completes the rehabilitation program.

HEALTHY DOG EXTRA! Should You Plan a C-Section?
Know the facts about your dog and the possibilities of a Caesarean section.

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