Dog Fashions Let It Shine

Metallic dog fashions glitter with glamour and practicality for spring.


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Courtesy of Pettease

with increasing verve, human fashion has been celebrating the shimmer of satin and sequins, and swinging shiny pleather and genuine leather. It goes without saying that the trend is impacting the pet fashion scene, too.

Naturally gold and silver lead the way, but various metallic shades of copper, bronze, pink, blue, green and red are vying for position in the popularity stakes, making metallic the biggest new look to capture trendsetting dog owners’ attention. There’s no sign of it fading anytime soon.

“It’s huge and it’s everywhere you look,” confirms Sara Peterson of dog clothing retailer Pettease.

And she’s right. From tasseled gold and silver doggie beds to carriers, coats and leisure pajamas, to casual wear collars, harnesses and leashes, everything is set to bewitch and bedazzle.

“The reason it’s so big right now is that it’s a look that suits all dogs no matter their size or shape,” says Laura Dion-Jones Casey of Snob Hounds. “Really big dogs are going to have lots to choose from in shimmery outfits, too. This look is no longer restricted to pocketsize pets.”

The reason metallics are so popular in human fashion is that they accessorize and coordinate a number of fashion looks. A metallic belt or bag dresses up casual styles, allowing the wearer to go from day to evening occasions. Dog owners who like to take their pets everywhere demand the same practicality from pet accessories.

When you’re traveling and limited in the clothing and accessories that you can take, picking one metallic color can see both you and your pet through anything from a weekend away or a lengthy vacation in style.

When it comes to carriers, trendy dog owners often splurge on a variety of carriers to match their own wardrobes. Metallics have simplified fashion carriers choices, too.

“These days it’s more of a tossup between gold and silver,” says Amanda Fry of retailer Rouge. “Both are hot right now and both blend with all other colors, patterns, and fabrics.”

Because pink is always such a popular color in the pet world, various metallic shades are making a strong appearance on pet fashion runways.

With this latest trend, fashion-forward dog owners can sit back and relax knowing whatever their style hounds don this season, they’ll shine.

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For more spring fashions, check out the March issue of DOG FANCY.

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sarah   flagstaff, AZ

1/23/2008 4:31:06 PM

aww its blinding shiny and it looks so adorable on the little thing!

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Katie   Suwanee, GA

1/23/2008 1:55:14 PM

So shiny!

User Avatar

Cheril   Amarillo, TX

1/23/2008 8:58:15 AM

I love to dress my dogs! Thanks for sharing the info!

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