The April issue of DOG FANCY is jampacked with the latest in all things dog – from healthcare to activities to lifestyle to culture. The following articles are designed to give you exclusive information on select topics covered in the current issue.

Interview a Breeder
If you’re looking for a purebred puppy and are visiting breeders, this printable interview form will let you compare those candidates with ease. More >>

The Name Game
From the sentimental to the just plain wacky, the reasons people pick dog names are as diverse as the names themselves. More >>

My Dog Saved my Life!
Read highlights about amazing dogs who warn their humans of oncoming health crises. More >>

Heimlich How-To
Learn how one woman saved her dog’s life by performing the canine Heimlich, and get tips from a pet first-aid instructor on how to do it yourself. More >>

Prepare for Pet Emergencies
Put together your own pet first-aid kit, prepare for disaster, plus other safety tips. More >>

New to DogChannel?
Take a virtual tour of the site to see some of the great features that DogChannel has to offer. More >>

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